Sustainability and conservation are at the heart of Holkham, and I feel privileged to be part of such a unique, compassionate and innovative estate at what is to be a significant period in its story.

A little over a year ago we set out our vision and ambitions for Holkham – giving our future work direction and purpose. Sustainability and a pioneering spirit sit at the centre of this vision – a vision which has given way to the creation and launch of this sustainability strategy – WONDER.

Why WONDER? Well, the dictionary definition of wonder is ‘a feeling of amazement, admiration or awe, caused by something beautiful, remarkable, or unfamiliar.’ We believe Holkham is remarkable, somewhere more than a million people visit each year to admire and enjoy. It is also a place vulnerable to the effects of climate change, associated sea level rises and risk of flooding. So, our drive to be more sustainable is a very real one. We need to ensure we work towards improving our practices and cherishing our environment for the benefit of future generations.

Our strategy isn’t just the formulation of words, but the creation of three key objectives and the investment in real, live projects – from carbon auditing and biodiversity projects to the reduction of plastics and waste to landfill. What excites me most is not only the tangible results promised, but the way in which we will achieve them. It is only by our forward-thinking, passionate and skilled teams working collaboratively that progress will be made. No matter whether in forestry, farming, conservation, game, horticulture, leisure or hospitality – every member of the team is essential to the success of this strategy. It is by sustainability becoming an instinctive and natural behaviour that we will succeed. Join us on our journey and we hope we will inform, inspire and influence you too along the way.