About us

Our past and purpose

What we plant todayis growing a better tomorrow.

At Holkham we are moving forwards with a carefully considered, brave yet realistic, reformed estate strategy.

One which gives our work across all businesses unity, depth, authenticity and focus. Everything we do at Holkham is underpinned by our vision and driven by our ambitions.

This shared focus allows us to thrive, grow and continually improve.

Our five ambitions

We are custodians of important historic buildings and collections which we will treasure, enhance and revitalise before we hand these on to the next generation.

We will be pioneering, sustainable and influential in managing our landscape, farmland, habitats and wildlife.

We will create welcoming experiences to attract, inform and inspire those who visit or stay with us.

We want Holkham to be a great place to work, where talent is developed, teams set their own high standards and the human touch is never lost.

We will be a force for good in helping local communities to thrive, by providing employment, homes, and support for local businesses and charities.

Our vision is to be the UK’s most pioneering and sustainable rural estate.

Watching over the WONDER

Sustainability and conservation are core to everything we do. WONDER is our sustainability strategy, formed of three key objectives which guide our decision-making and actions.

Our history

The Coke family has lived at Holkham since the early 17th century, and there’s a whole lot that has happened in the four hundred years since.

Explore Holkham

Discover the wondersaround every corner.

Your historic eventneeds a setting to match.

‘A stay at Pinewoods is a stay in nature. It’s our happy place; there is something about Wells that draws us back time and time again.’

Mrs Lewis

Sink your feet into the sandand your head into our pillows.

A feel good place ofpeople and landscapes.