Establishing long term relationships and partnerships with our suppliers is at the heart of our plans. Improving how we work across teams on the estate is also on our agenda as we develop ways of working more efficiently.

Currently, we work closely with the National Farmers Union, Natural England, Forestry England, and the Norfolk Farming and Wildlife Advisory Group to manage our national nature reserve, woodland and farmland.

The Great Farm Project involves working with the University of East Anglia, SOYL, Centre for Ecology and Hydrology, British Trust for Ornithology, and the Norfolk Farming and Wildlife Advisory Group.

We are working with the Carbon Trust to deliver our carbon, waste, energy, and water audit across our businesses. With a global portfolio and industry experts, they will bring expertise to help us on our journey to being carbon negative by 2040.

An existing partnership with Scottish Rural University for our cattle business has been established through their consulting arm, SRU consultancy, who are supporting us with our farm, woodland and land-based carbon audits using their tool: Agrecalc.

We are a member of Good Journey which promotes visiting the UK’s leading visitor attractions by train, bus, cycle and on foot.

We are also a member of Fit for the Future, an environmental and sustainability network which shares best practise, support and innovation. This offers Holkham staff members access to expertise and advice as they learn and grow on our journey.