Championing Low Carbon Living

Reducing carbon is at the forefront of our second focus. With our saltmarshes, woodland and evolving land management and business practices, we are determined to be brave, bold and successful in our aims. The beginning of this journey will be investment in estate-wide carbon audits to enable us move forward in a data-led, informed and accountable manner…We are determined to cut our carbon footprint by tackling our use of artificial inputs, greenhouse gas emissions, energy usage and reliance on fossil fuels, and hope to inspire others to do the same.

Goal - We will be a carbon negative estate by 2040.

To achieve this, we will:

Develop science led innovations

Data is key to our decision making; we will undertake an audit of our carbon emissions, waste, energy and water use, and calculate rates of carbon sequestration across the estate.

Deliver responsible construction

New construction projects will all include energy and water efficiencies, low carbon heating and biodiversity enhancement. We will deliver a phased improvement of our existing housing stock.

Leaner, greener operations

Lowering our carbon footprint and reducing waste are key ambitions of our leisure businesses. Through efficient agriculture and new ways of working, we will reduce our carbon emissions.

Find out about our live projects that are helping us to deliver these objectives.