O Christmas Tree! The sustainability of our Trees

Posted: December 08th 2021

by Sue Penlington, Sustainability and Learning Manager

If you’re trying to be more sustainable, you might be wondering about the environmental impact of Christmas Trees. Let’s dig in to the topic with Holkham’s Sustainability Expert, Sue Penlington.

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Five Tips for a Green Halloween

Posted: October 21st 2021

by Niobe Shaw

Half term is almost upon us and Halloween is just days away. Whilst Halloween is a celebration that can be great fun, it can also create a lot of single use items and plastic waste which negatively impact the environment. Sustainability and conservation are at the heart of Holkham, and so we are determined to find new ways to celebrate that help to stamp out waste. Here are our five top tips for enjoying a more sustainable and conscious Halloween.

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No Mow May

Posted: May 28th 2021

by Sue Penlington - Sustainability and Learning Manager

May is traditionally the time when lawnmowers are fired up around the country as we start to spend more time outside and the grass bursts into life. However, it is also a great time to let nature shine and increase biodiversity. From large estates and parks to your own back garden, why don’t you give the #NoMow a go?

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What’s happening at Lady Anne’s Drive? Introducing our latest forestry and biodiversity project

Posted: January 29th 2021

As part of our Wonder journey, work is starting on the avenue of trees at Lady Anne’s Drive in Holkham. Find out what we are doing and why.

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Cleaning up the Wood Cellar

Posted: January 15th 2021

If you’ve ever been on a cellar tour of Holkham you may have come across our wood cellar. Our hall team has been working hard giving it a good spring clean ready for the year ahead.

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Launching WONDER

Posted: January 01st 2021

Sustainability and a pioneering spirit sit at the centre of our vision – a vision which has given way to the creation and launch of WONDER, our sustainability strategy. Join us on this journey as we venture into the new year.

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Bringing Autumn's Nature to People

Posted: October 15th 2020

by Andy Bloomfield, Senior NNR Warden

As the nip in the air and the sound of Pink footed geese start to fill the skies, autumn heralds a shift in wildlife at Holkham. We’ve created some new access routes to the reed fringed scrub on the southern edge of the pinewoods for visitors to experience and enjoy autumn nature at its finest.

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A New Species of Breeding Bird at Holkham

Posted: July 08th 2020

by Andy Bloomfield, NNR Warden

Holkham National Nature Reserve has had another new species added to its growing list of breeding birds, the Cattle Egret, a small, colourful member of the heron family.

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