Holkham Park

The Park


The sweeping park that surrounds Holkham Hall is a fascinating mixture of peaceful parkland, farmland, forestry, historic and quirky architecture and wondrous wildlife. Bring a blanket to relax by the lake with a picnic, or follow our walking and cycling routes to explore off the beaten track.

Be aware of the deer
The sight of deer roaming Holkham Park is a certainly one to behold, but please don’t get too close. Remember that they are wild animals and you should keep at least 50 metres away. Be extra careful during the rutting season in mid-October / early November.

Holm oaks Quercus Ilex
The evergreen oaks are an unusual feature in the park. The story goes that they were brought back from Italy by Thomas Coke (the builder of Holkham Hall) when he came back from his Grand Tour with many manuscripts, artworks, statues and other treasures. The statues were packed into wooden crates and held in place with Quercus Ilex sticks, twigs and acorns which Thomas then planted in his brand new park!

Cycling and walking routes
With 3,000 acres for you to explore on foot or by bike we have created a number of different walking and cycling routes for you to enjoy throughout the year. See our abundant wildlife, including our majestic herd of Fallow Deer, explore our farm to see what food we grow and meet our sheep and cows, discover the many other incredible buildings and monuments dotted around the park, or follow our nature trail around the lake. Take a photograph of the maps at the entrance to Holkham Park and by the Visitor Reception and follow the route of your choice.

No cooking
You are very welcome to picnic in Holkham Park, but please do not bring any cooking equipment. The risk of fire is high and therefore barbecues, fires and cooking stoves are strictly prohibited in Holkham Park, the Holkham National Nature Reserve, Holkham Beach and Wells Beach.

Protect and respect
As you explore, you’ll get to enjoy the many different habitats that make up this conservation area. We can all play our part in protecting and respecting this special place, and we ask that you please take note of the following:
• Keep dogs on leads and under close control
• Stick to roadways, marked trails and pathways. Please observe signs indicating ‘Private’ and ‘No Public Access’. In windy weather please do not walk under trees. As we are a working estate, be aware that we may need to close routes at short notice to keep you safe
• Do not approach the deer – they are wild animals so please keep your distance.
• Take your litter home with you.
• Close gates behind you.
• Do not enter the lake – you or your dog!
• Watch out for farm machinery, vehicles and cyclists – you may not always be able to hear them.
• In spring and summer we have lots of birds nesting on the ground, sheep with lambs and fawns in the long grass too. Please watch where you tread and do not disturb these young animals.

There is much more to Holkham than just landscapes and wildlife; we’ve history and heritage, active adventures, shopping and eating and a great programme of events, walks and tours throughout the year. With Holkham Hall, Holkham Stories Experience, Walled Garden, Ropes Course, Cycle and Boat Hire, courtyard café and gift shop to choose from, what else will you do on your visit?

There is a speed limit for all vehicles of 20mph in the park. There are no public rights of way in the park and it may be necessary on occasion for estate management reasons to temporarily close routes at short notice. Organised events are not permitted without the prior agreement of estate management, please email s.browell@holkham.co.uk for further information.

Opening times can be found here.