Holkham Emerald win Branston's Eastern Grower of the Year

​February 2020

Holkham Emerald is a potato growing enterprise on the Holkham Estate, renting land from Holkham Farming Company and tenant farmers. The business utilises the estate’s irrigation infrastructure and is a specialist in the production of set skin salad potatoes and premium ware crops. Holkham Emerald grow approximately 400ha’s of potatoes per annum and supply most UK retailers through a potato packing business throughout the year.

Holkham Emerald recently picked up Branston’s Eastern Grower of the Year award. Branston is a privately owned company with a strong focus on its fresh potato business, as well as other prepared vegetable ranges. Branston not only grows its own potatoes but also partners with some of the country’s best suppliers - including Holkham Emerald. Branston is one of Holkham Emerald’s lead customers and supplies Tesco with potatoes.

Another fantastic achievement for Holkham.

Pictured left to right: James Truscott (Branston), Carl Topper (Holkham Emerald), Oscar Thacker (Branston), Harry Barnett (Holkham Emerald).

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