The Walled Garden

What's at Its Best

April – See the garden spring into life with a much awaited display of spring bulbs; daffodils and tulips and our Wintersweet shrub. Our Heavily scented Edgeworthia, Ceonothus and Magnolia are at their best in April, along with the glorious sight of the pear and plum blossoms.

May – Enjoy the purple haze of the Wisteria against the walls as you pass through the doorways. A chance to see the vegetable patch, planted and growing, in anticipation of some delicious produce to savour.

June – Once established, the Ornamental Garden will be densly populated with summer flowers.

July – Enjoy the sights of swelling and ripening fruits including our old Mulberry tree in the Tropical Garden, it's claimed to be over 100 years old.

August – It's harvest time and a chance to reap the fruits, flowers and vegetables for use across the estate.

September – Join us in the walled garden as we host our annual Plant Fair and see our grapes and figs ready for the picking.

October – Enjoy the autumn hues of the deciduous plants as they slow down and bed in for winter. With Halloween approaching, it's time to harvest and prepare the pumpkins we've grown.

All year round – See the Fernery, a new addition to the walled garden thanks to our hard-working volunteers. Alongside a collection of ferns it features weathered, gnarled hardwood stumps sourced from the Holkham Forestry Department.