Plan of the Walled Garden at Holkham, Norfolk

The Walled Garden

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Holkham Walled Garden, a tranquil, enchanting six acre site dates back to the late 18th century.

The walled garden is divided into different ‘squares’ and ‘slips’ each with their own theme and associated planting plan.

The Messenger Garden: Glasshouses play a major part of this room being the dominant feature. The beds will be redesigned once the work on the glasshouses is completed, but for the moment, it is prairie planting that plays a major part. The room gets its name from the large glasshouse currently undergoing restoration, built by Thomas Messenger and co in 1929.

The Ornamental Garden: This area has recently been redesigned and visitors are invited to view the ongoing creation of an ornamental garden. The central lawn will eventually be flanked by deep planting beds of roses and perennials.

Vineyard: Our take on a traditional French vineyard. Our young Solaris and Regent vines pruned in the ‘Double Guyot Style’ cast amazing shadows with their formally planted, yet informal habit.

The Exotic Garden: Our evolving ‘hot’ planting style utilises later flowering herbaceous plants and shrubs to marry perfectly with the events season, something very different to the rest of the walled garden.

The Kitchen Garden: Producing vegetables and fruit to supply the hall all year round, with any surplus provided to The Victoria Inn. Explore the fruit and vegetables we grow through the seasons, from broad beans to onions, strawberries to apples. Sowing, growing, tending and harvesting all happen here, aided by our volunteers and school students.

The Cutting Garden: This space frames our spectacular 19th century vineries which house peaches, nectarines and grapes. This part of the garden fuels the needs of the florists who create impressive displays to decorate the hall, church and café.