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There has been a Deer Park at Holkham since the 1850s, when a herd of fallow deer was moved here from an ancient Deer Park in North Elmham, Norfolk.

Today, the Deer Park, which surrounds the Palladian Hall, covers 600 acres within the 3,000-acre Park, and is enclosed by a nine mile-long wall. We have a large herd of fallow deer consisting of around 800 animals.

In 2006 we acquired eight Red Deer hinds and one stag from Woburn Abbey in Bedfordshire. Having been kept in a separate paddock, whilst they got used to their new environment, they have now been integrated with the other deer in the Park.

The deer roam freely over the mature parkland, eating only what nature provides, including grass, Ilex acorns, chestnuts and beech mast, which gives our venison its unique flavour. Each year, a proportion of the herd is culled in order to maintain the correct numbers and to ensure that the herd remains in peak condition. It is no coincidence that a well managed, healthy deer herd, which is humanely culled in the field and then processed in a state of the art larder facility, produces the best venison.

Venison is a very healthy meat. It is low in fat and versatile. At Holkham we can supply a wide range of products to cater for all requirements; from the domestic barbeque to the largest commercial orders. Expert staff are able to advise the customer on cuts, quantities and availability.

A wide range of venison and game dishes can often be found on the menu at the estate owned Victoria Inn. We are proud to provide venison and game to our local butcher who, in turn cater for both retail and commercial customers.

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