The North State Sitting Room

The Hall

The North State Sitting Room

This room is dominated by four large Brussels tapestries, which were probably woven by Gerard Peemans at the end of the 17th century.

The tapestries depict the sun’s annual progress through the signs of the zodiac. Although incomplete (the summer months are missing), there are no records of any more tapestries being bought to complete the set.

Acquired by Lady Leicester in 1759 for £134.10s, the tapestries were originally hung in the adjoining bedroom, but were re-hung in this room in 1910 by the third Earl of Leicester.

Some four years ago, one of the Hall Room Stewards used the scenes in the tapestries to distract children who had become bored while going round the house. She asked them to find a cat, a dead swan and various vegetables and flowers depicted in the elaborate weaving.