The Green State Bedroom in Holkham Hall

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The Hall

The Green State Bedroom

The Green State Bedroom is the most important bedroom in the Hall. Kings, Queens and nobility of all ranks have slept here over the centuries.

When Queen Mary visited Holkham, the painting of the god Jupiter caressing his wife Juno, by Gavin Hamilton (1730-1797), was considered too lewd and was banished to the attics. A plaque of Julius Caesar, which originally had pride of place on the mantelpiece beneath the painting - now over the fireplace in Statue Gallery - links the sexual nature of the painting with Roman Emperor’s promiscuous lifestyle.

The tapestries on either side of the fireplace are late 17th-century and were woven by the great Flemish weaver, Albert Auwercx, to represent the continents of America, Africa and Europe.

Paul Saunders and George Smith Bradshaw wove the other tapestries in the room. The panels on the east wall represent Asia, while the two strips on either side of the bed represent sleep and vigilance.

When the present Earl of Leicester celebrated his 21st birthday, this room was turned into a disco. The furniture and the beds were removed and the tapestries protected by Perspex and black polythene sheeting.