The Monument in Holkham Park Completed in 1850 in memory of 1st Earl of Leicester, Coke of Norfolk

Business & Enterprise


Historically tenants on the Holkham Estate were mainly involved in agriculture. Today, however, a diverse range of thriving businesses operate from premises leased by the estate offering food produce and various services which Holkham is proud to promote.

The photograph above depicts the Monument in Holkham park which was completed in 1850 in memory of 1st Earl of Leicester, Coke of Norfolk. The Monument forms a dramatic addition to the north, standing in direct line with the obelisk and the centre of the hall. It was designed by William Donthorne and paid for by public subscription and consists of a 120ft high Corinthian column with a wheat sheaf on the top. The square plinth is decorated with panels and carvings depicting aspects of Coke’s contribution to agricultural progress.

In Coke of Norfolk’s time tenants of the estate were often granted long leases, which had clauses laying down the pattern of crop rotation to be followed and improvements to be done. These long leases encouraged farmers to put money into the farms, as they knew that they would benefit from these improvements and the rent for the farm could only be raised at the end of the lease. Farmhouses were often rebuilt in the latest style, and all these factors combined, helped to attract some of the best agriculturalists of the period to Holkham Estate.