A Destination Wedding at Holkham

Posted: March 01st 2019

by Belle Hutton

A Destination Wedding at Holkham

A destination wedding at Holkham

In our last post, we looked at the rise of the three-day long weddings trend. Now we look to Holkhams stunning surroundings and, with the help of Lady Leicester, lift the lid on how to plan a marriage less ordinary

As well as being one of north Norfolks most beautiful wedding venues, first and foremost Holkham Hall and estate is a family home, run by Lord and Lady Leicester who live there with their children. You only have to look at Holkhams famously fabulous Christmas installation (think chocolate box Disney Christmas meets Jurassic Park) to see that Lady Leicester the creative force behind it knows a thing or two about entertaining. While she and Lord Leicester didnt get married at Holkham Hall, they did get engaged on the marshes at Burnham Overy Staithe and celebrated with fish and chips at Wells-next-the-Sea, so Holkham and its setting holds a very special place in their heart.

Lady Leicester gives her advise on planning a three day wedding at Holkham.
Lady Leicester gives her advice on planning a three day wedding at Holkham.

We caught up with Lady Leicester to hear how she would put her magical touch on a Holkham wedding and what the more unusual activities a couple might like to incorporate into their wedding day.

It might be the Palladian halls magnificent state rooms that draw couples looking to get married to Holkham, but the 25,000 acres of Norfolk countryside that surround it cant be forgotten.

“Over a forest and just outside Holkham Estate’s vast parkland is Holkham Beach, where miles of unspoilt coastland and white sand make a dreamy backdrop for wedding photos,” suggests Lady Leicester. “Draw hearts in the sand or make those photos even more spectacular by galloping along the beach on a horse. Down the road at Wells you could rent a beach hut from Pinewoods Holiday Park, for drinks with your bridesmaids the day before your wedding or a picnic brunch with Bloody Marys and fish and chips the following day.”

James Kilcoin Photography
James Kilcoin Photography

If seaside activities are for you, Lady Leicester has a whole host more to pique your wedding planning imagination hop on the ferry and take a picnic to the remote Scolt Head Island a sand back between Brancaster and Wells-next-the-Sea, or opt for a private charter aboard the Juno, a sailing barge. For those couples looking for a really memorable wedding activity, grab the bravest amongst your nearest and dearest, wait for the tide to go out and wade down to the marshes at Burnham Overy for a mud bath – literally. Burnham Overy is a river and when the tide goes in and out it generates some seriously squelchy mud, which has become the place to go mud sliding in Norfolk! For a less mucky pre/post-wedding activity, walk to Burnham Overy Staithe for lunch at The Hero gastropub then hop on the Coasthopper Bus back to Holkham.

Back to nature and Lady Leicester has some inspiration for the land lubbers among you, what could be more romantic than setting your alarm clock at 4.30am and witnessing the magical dawn chorus, the awakening of Norfolks vibrant bird life? While, if youre getting married in May, June or October invite your wedding guests to join you on a tractor tour of Holkham park for a Deer Safari where you will get up close and personal with the beautiful Fallow Deer herd.

Jonathan Casset
Jonathan Casey / Keiron Tovell

If youre planning a two or three day wedding at Holkham and would like to know more about the various activities you could incorporate get in touch with the wedding planning team on 01328 713937 / weddings@holkham.co.uk

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