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Samuel Wyatt Vinery Project Update 2

Posted: November 23rd 2020

by Sophie Twyford

Find out what’s happened recently with our renovation of the Samuel Wyatt vinery at Holkham walled garden.

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What have fungi ever done to us?

Posted: November 11th 2020

by Will Clennell, Learning and Engagement Officer

Fungi, often referred to as mushrooms and toadstools, seem to have earnt an unfairly negative reputation over the years. Toadstools have a classic image as a toxic seat for an ugly toad, a creature linked, in folklore, to witches and witchcraft. Mushrooms are most commonly thought of as edible fungi, but it would still take a brave soul to actually eat one that was found in the wild. Will seeks to change our perception and open our eyes to the world of fungi on the Holkham National Nature Reserve.

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Norfolk Online, a Community Site for our County

Posted: November 03rd 2020

by Daska Davis, Guest Contributor

Daska Davis is co-founder of Norfolk Online, a new website for people who live and work in our great county. The site encompasses city, country and coast, sharing high quality content telling the stories about the many creative and entrepreneurial people and places in Norfolk.

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A Ball to Celebrate the Glorious Revolution

Posted: November 03rd 2020

by Katherine Hardwick, Collections Coordinator

Remember, remember the 5th of November….These words have a close association with Holkham, through the character of Sir Edward Coke, Lord Chief Justice of England, and the prosecutor responsible for trying the Gunpowder Plotters. However, for Thomas William Coke, an 18th Century descendent of the Lord Chief Justice, the date had a much different significance – as well as being the date of the failed Gunpowder Plot, in 1688 it was also the day William III landed in England to oust the Catholic James II, in the event that became known as the Glorious Revolution. As a committed member of Whig political party – many of whom had played a central role in the Glorious Revolution – the 100-year anniversary of the event was an occasion for grand celebrations… Katherine tells us about one such celebration which took place here at Holkham Hall.

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Marry Now, Party Later

Posted: October 21st 2020

by Belle Hutton

As the months pass, and we continue to become accustomed to the ‘new normal’, more and more couples are beginning to think about the options available to them. Perhaps the most obvious is to reschedule the whole day to 2021 or 2022, but for some, they have waited long enough and the most important thing is to just ‘be married’.

So, what to do? ‘Marry Now, Party Later’ - aka an intimate ceremony followed by a big blow out party at a later date.

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Samuel Wyatt Vinery Project Update 1

Posted: October 19th 2020

by Sophie Twyford

The first update on our renovation of the Samuel Wyatt vinery at Holkham’s Walled Garden.

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