The Grade II listed fountain, to the south of the Holkham Hall, depicting Perseus and Andromeda

The Hall

The Fountain

The Grade II listed fountain to the south of the Hall depicts Perseus and Andromeda, a Greek legend where Perseus rescued Andromeda from being sacrificed to a monster to appease Poseidon, the Sea God. The fountain was created by Charles Raymond Smith and was built circa 1850.

The fountain ceased operating in 2009 when the iron pipe work, to and from it across the south lawn became so corroded that it could no longer hold the water pressure and burst in multiple places. The water was originally supplied by a reservoir at the top of the deer park, which was fed by a borehole located under the former stable block in the courtyard adjacent to the Hall. From here the water was pumped uphill and then allowed to flow back to the fountain. It would use 400 gallons (1818 litres) of water per minute and as a result, the fountain could only be run for 20 minutes at a time, before the water source ran out.

An alternative solution needed to be found and in autumn 2015 work started on a restoration programme to return the fountain to working order. The 7 month project costing in excess of £200,000 was carried out by Suffolk-based, Miles Water Engineering Ltd. The restoration incorporated a new underground pump room in the park. This houses the pumping and filtration equipment used to recirculate water from the bowl of the fountain through the twenty-five water jets secluded in the sculpture. Filtration keeps the water clear and clean. In addition to the fountain’s mechanisms, important repairs were carried out to the various fountain spouts and pipework. Repairs to the various statues were sensitively carried out to by Messenger Conservation Ltd of Stamford in Lincolnshire, specialists in stone work.

The new system now allows the fountain to be run for longer periods of time and can be controlled from within the Hall. The result has been that as from April 2016 the fountain is back in full operation and has once again become a focal point for visitors to the Hall and park. Viewed from the south state rooms, you will be able to see the fountain in full resplendent flow periodically when the hall is open for the visitor season on a Sunday, Monday and Thursday between 12noon-4pm.