Meet the Team

Meet the Holkham Farming Company team who are responsible for the in-house farming on the Holkham Estate. The Farming Company modern offices and main building are located at Egmere, which lies south of the estate.

Poul Hovesen
Director of Holkham Farming Company. Poul joined the company in August 2011 and leads the Holkham Farming strategy and sits on the board of directors.

James Beamish, Farm Manager, Holkham

James Beamish
Farm Manager, James Beamish, joined Holkham Farming Company at the beginning of 2016.

Jon Smith
Herd Manager in charge of the farm's suckler herd and sheep. Jon joined the company in 2005 and has introduced a dedicated breeding programme to suit the multiple grazing.

Harry Barnett
Harry joined Holkham Farming Company in July 2014 as Potato Enterprise Manager and has day-to-day responsibility for running the Holkham Emerald potato business.

Simon Raven
In charge of all of the estate's conservation tasks which consists of all agri-environment work and liaises with our game department to manage cover crops. Joined in 2010.

Kevin Bray
Main telehandler at the grain store, responsible for all inloading and outloading of grain. Kevin joined the company in the late 80s as an apprentice.

Connor Tindall-Read

Connor Tindall-Read
Split between livestock during the winter and the arable side during the summer. Joined the team in July 2016.

Stephen Retchless
Stephen joined the company in 2005 and is the main combine driver and 2nd spray operator and also gets involved with the cultivations.

Des Austin
Des joined the company in May 2011 and is responsible for for all heavy cultivations and the spraying of the Holkham Emerald potato business.

Paul Bloomfield
Paul has been with the company for over 30 years and is the main grain store operator responsible for the grain driers and storage of crops for 3rd parties.

Oli Wright
Joined in July 2014 after completing his apprenticeship at nearby Easton College. Oli is responsible for grain carting and also drills the maize for the anaerobic digestion plant.

David Cornwell

David Cornwell
Potato Enterprise Technician. Responsible for helping with potato planting, irrigating and harvest. Joined in June 2017.

Christopher Cook

Christopher Cook
Assistant livestock technician. Started work on the farm in July 2015.

Henry Scholefield

Henry Scholefield
Joined the team as an apprentice in July 2018 after two years at University and will spend 15 months at Holkham developing his practical skills before returning to university to complete his degree.