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Samuel Wyatt Vinery

Restoring the Samuel Wyatt Vinery

We are thrilled work to restore this Grade II* listed glasshouse in the Samuel Wyatt Vinery has commenced in August 2020. The project is due to be completed by August 2021.

The restoration is possible thanks to funding from Historic England with the remaining cost met by the estate’s Viscount Coke Fund Trust. We are extremely grateful for their support.

The vinery will undergo extensive repairs to the timber glasshouse structure and north slate roof. Additional repairs include the original ironwork supports in the glasshouse, the ornate pediment fan light, external windows and doors, some masonry and internal storerooms. At regular stages throughout the project, work and materials are recorded. Careful investigations have already been undertaken in respect of timber, mortar and paint analysis.

Consideration is given to the ecology of the site and, in particular, the current hibernation and maternity bat roosts present inside the building. We have installed roosting boxes and bricks in the cellar and upper floor areas, and the project is timed to minimise disturbance to the bats.

The repairs are being carried out by Messenger BCR Group who specialise in the conservation and repair of historic buildings. It undertook the first phase of works to the Messenger Glasshouse within the gardens as well as work on the iconic fountain at the Hall. The architect RHP Partnership is a conservation specialist and has been involved in the overarching Walled Garden project since 2015, conducting the original condition surveys.

Once complete, the space will be planted with a collection of vines and sweetly scented tender plants which require regulated temperatures. It will also be used to overwinter a collection of citrus trees brought into the gardens for summer months. With its classical facade and being located just outside the walled garden, the Vinery possibly also served as a space for entertaining visitors on warm summer evenings.

Project Timeline

Setting up site with scaffolding erected. Survey of glasshouse timbers, remove glass and store.

Scaffold for north range erected. Works to chimneys and roof commences. Start of repairs to glasshouse joinery and rafters. Stripping out of internal rooms.

Joinery within glasshouse continues. Timber repairs and re-roofing north range. New timber joists, flooring and plastering in internal space.

Works to north range roof. Joinery within glasshouse continues. Lime plastering of internal spaces in north stores. Masonry work commences.

Vinery timbers treated with linseed oil and paint; metal work reinstated. North range window repairs and decoration signalling the completion of the indoor spaces.

JUNE – JULY 2021
Vinery glass reglazed, repair of paving completes the restoration works by Messenger BCR Group.

AUGUST 2021 – MARCH 2022
Installation of interpretation in internal space.

APRIL 2022
Vinery reopens to visitors.

Project Updates

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This project has been supported by Historic England