Accessibility Guide

Accessibility Guide

Contact for accessibility enquiries: Holkham Ticket Office
Telephone: 01328 713111, between 10am and 5pm.

Click here to download a PDF version of our Accessibility Guide


Our aim at Holkham is to ensure that the attractions, facilities and the wider estate are managed and enhanced to the highest standards to accommodate all accessibility needs where possible. With a number of great visitor attractions on offer at Holkham you will find something for everyone. Please get in touch if you have any questions, or wish to discuss anything in advance of your visit. We are happy to help.

At a Glance

  • We have a complimentary ticket policy for carers.
  • There are accessible toilets for disabled visitors.
  • We have staff trained in First Aid, Mental Health First Aid, Disability Awareness, Autism Awareness and Dementia Awareness.
  • Assistance dogs are welcome in all areas. Dogs must be kept on a lead at all times.
  • There is limited mobile phone coverage. Wi-Fi is available in the courtyard café. There is no public telephone.
  • The Trailer used for the Tractor Trailer Tour has the capacity to carry and secure a wheelchair.
  • We have two wheelchairs which are free to borrow; please ask a member of staff for assistance.
  • Our Holkham Stories experience is multi-sensory and interactive.
  • Level Access
    There is level access from the main entrance to
    The Hall
    Ticket Office
    Courtyard Café and Courtyard Gift Shop
    The Holkham Stories Experience
    Walled Garden
    Stables Courtyard

    Please note, although level, the ground en route to these attractions can be concrete, cobbled, shingle, bark or grass.


    • We have a Hearing Loop in parts of the Holkham Stories Experience.

    • Glass doors and full-height windows in the gift shop have contrast markings 5cm wide.
    • Some parts of the venue have low lighting.

      Arrival and Parking

    When you arrive at our car park, one of our parking attendants will greet you, issue your parking ticket and provide a welcome leaflet containing a map and useful information relevant to your visit. If you need closer accessible car parking, let us know; we will direct you to one of our 10 accessible and tarmacked parking bays situated nearer the Hall. A parking charge applies - click here for details

    From the car park, there is level access to the entrances of most of the visitor attractions. Although level, the routes cover ground such as gravel, tarmac, cobble stones and grassland. These paths may be uneven underfoot, but please speak to us about where you want to go so we can advise you on the best routes around.

    It is possible for visitors with access requirements visiting the hall to be dropped off outside. We ask the driver to re-park in the accessible car parking area.

    Our Walled Garden has 3 accessible car parking spaces, which we recommend you use if you are just visiting that part of the park. Please speak to our parking attendant to direct you.

    Accessible parking bay
    Accessible parking bay
    Permanent access ramp
    Permanent access ramp
    Visitor Reception

    The Visitor Reception will be your main point of contact during your visit to Holkham. Here you can get information, purchase your tickets before making your way to the attractions and find about what we have on offer each day. We have a complimentary ticket policy for carers: one complimentary ticket per registered disabled visitor.

    • The Visitor Reception is on the main approach from the car park via a tarmac path and then gravel.

    • There is a wooden ramp at the main door. The door is 108cm wide and this door is always open when the Visitor Reception is open. There is a second internal door which opens inwards, this door is 82cm wide.

    • There are three till points inside at a counter which is 110cm high and 4m long. There are low sections at either end of the counter.

    • Exit from the ticket visitor reception is via a single door which opens inwards. It has a width of 108cm and a step down of 15cm.

    Ticket office entrance
    Ticket office entrance
    Ticket office desk
    Visitor Reception desk
    Ticket office desk
    Visitor Reception desk
    Holkham Hall

    We have Room Stewards throughout the Hall who are happy to help you get the most from your visit. They all have a wealth of knowledge and can answer any questions you may have about the Hall and its history. Whilst touring the hall, some display information is low for wheelchair users, but most of your information will be conveyed through interaction with our Stewards. There is seating inside the hall, please ask a member of staff if you are unsure of which ones you may sit on.

    • The hall stands separately from the visitor facilities, west of the car parking area.
    • From the car park, access is via a hard core track with a slight incline.
    • The main entrance is via four stone steps each 16cm high. To the left is an alternative all-weather metal walkway with a gradient of 1:18 and metal handrail either side.
    • Entrance takes you into the foyer. The doorstep is 10cm high and covered by a wooden ramp. The door is half glass and opens inwards, it is 125cm wide.
    • To get into the Marble Hall there are two stone steps 12cm high each or a wooden ramp to the left of the door with a gradient of 1:6. The door into the Marble hall is 82cm wide. Staff are happy to assist wherever necessary.
    • Inside the hall the flooring ranges from worn flagstone, wooden floorboards and carpet/rugs. Rooms are lit with both artificial and natural light.
    • All of the state rooms are on the first floor, accessed by 19 steps, each 14cm high with a central handrail. Visitors with access requirements are able to gain access to the first floor by using a stair lift. Assisted by hall staff, the stair-climbing machine can take most types of manual wheelchair up the staircase in the Marble Hall.
      - Please be aware that there is a weight limit of 20 stones/127 kilograms (person and wheelchair) when using this apparatus.
      - If a wheelchair is incompatible with the equipment, the user is asked to transfer to one of the two wheelchairs in the hall where possible.
      - Use of the stairclimbing machine is at the operator’s discretion.
    • Once up the stairs, there is an ambulatory, maximum width 124cm. This leads to two state rooms, which have a single step up on 15cm. A portable wooden ramp can be placed over the step if required.
    • Access to The Old Kitchen is via a ramp with a gradient of 1:5 and corridor with a width of 45cm at its narrowest point. The lighting in the corridor is artificial.
    • There is an Emergency Evacuation Plan in place, which changes daily due to staff numbers; each Room Steward is briefed daily on the procedure which will be executed in the event of an emergency.
    The stairclimber used in the Marble Hall

    Stables Courtyard

    This is our main visitor services area and includes the Holkham Stories Experience, Courtyard Café, Gift Shop and toilets. The floor in the courtyard is cobbled and uneven in places. During visitor season there is metal furniture outside, large planters, A-frames and display tractors; please be careful when moving around the courtyard. There is a toilet for visitors with access requirements in this area, as well as a toilet complex. There is clearer access to the toilet complex through the Courtyard Café than outside through the Courtyard.

    The Holkham Stories Experience

    The Holkham Stories Experience is multi-sensory and interactive. There are opportunities to touch, smell, hear and see throughout the exhibition. There are small steps in place for easier access to some exhibits that require touch and smell. Sensory activities vary from 75cm to 101cm from ground level. Some display information is at a low level, for wheelchair users. There is a hearing loop in place from room 2 onwards. There are 7 exhibition rooms in total which follow a one way system. There is artificial lighting inside, and low lighting in the cinema room at the end.

    • The door is 150cm wide and opens automatically into the foyer. The flooring is carpet and then polished concrete.
    • There is a ‘cinema’ room with low lighting. The film has subtitles and there are seats in the form of wooden benches. All other videos in the exhibition have subtitles.
    • There are rooms which have been sectioned to make smaller rooms and a corridor. The widths into the ‘smaller rooms’ are 107cm each.
    • The narrowest door width is 88cm, which takes you into the room corridor.
    • To exit, there are two outward opening glass doors. When both used they open to a width of 122cm. Each door has 5cm frosted circles spaced 25cm apart.
    Farming tools suspended from ceiling
    Farming tools suspended from the ceiling
    Entrance to Field to Fork
    Entrance to Holkham Stories
    Exit to Field to Fork
    Exit from Holkham Stories
    'Cinema room'
    ‘Cinema room’
    'Sections' of the exhibition
    ‘Sections’ of the exhibition
    Sensory part of the exhibition
    Sensory part of the exhibition

    Courtyard Gift Shop
    • From the car park to the shop, there is level access via a tarmac path and cobbled courtyard.
    • There are 4 large glass windows and 2 glass doors across the front facing wall. There are 5cm frosted circles spaced 25cm apart on the glass.
    • The doors are 120cm wide, they open inwards and outwards and there is a very slight step of 4cm through the door. Just inside the door is a metal grate cover with runs the width of the shop and is 27cm deep.
    • The route through the shop is 80cm wide at its narrowest point.
    • The flooring is polished concrete and some displays are on the floor. Other displays are in the form of wall units, refrigeration units, shelving units, tables and some free standing displays. Some items may be out of reach, please ask a member of staff for assistance
    • The till counter is 110cm high and 3.3m long.
    Gift shop interior
    Gift shop interior
    Gift shop exterior
    Gift shop exterior
    Gift shop entrance
    Gift shop entrance
    Courtyard Café

    Our Courtyard Café is self-service, but if you require table-service please ask a member of staff who can help. Our friendly team are trained and happy to assist with any access requirements. We cater for sugar free (diabetic), vegetarian and gluten free (celiac) specific diets. For any other specific dietary requirements please speak to a member of the café team. Most food items are labelled with their ingredients and highlight any allergens.

    • From the car park to the cafe, there is level access via a tarmac path and cobbled courtyard.
    • The entrance is via the courtyard and has a slight step up onto a carpet entrance mat. The door is 104cm wide.
    • To get to a table, there are no steps. Wooden tables are 76cm high, the chairs are also wooden, there are 46cm high to the seat. There are also lower coffee tables with lounge chairs/sofas which are cushioned. The sofa is 39cm high and the cushioned, wooden chairs are 41cm high to the seat. High chairs are also available.
    • The flooring is polished concrete. The café is a light, airy space, made up of both natural and artificial light.
    • The counter is 86cm high and 3.6m long. There are 2 till points at this counter.
    Café interior
    Café interior
    Service counter and till points
    Service counter and till points
    The Walled Garden

    Our walled garden is roughly a ten to fifteen minute walk away from the Hall. The route is hard-core and level, but uneven and sloped in places. There are 3 accessible car parking spaces here. Please be aware that our buggy service to the walled garden is currently suspended.

    The gravel can be hard to navigate as it is deep in places, so we have mobility scooters available for free use around the garden, as well as more durable wheelchairs to help navigate the deeper gravel areas.

    All areas of this attraction are external with the exception of some glasshouses and a small potting shed. There are a limited number of wooden picnic benches and stand-alone benches in the Walled Garden. There are toilets (porta-kabin style) at the Walled Garden, but there are no accessible toilets.

    Gravel pathways
    Gravel pathways
    Overview of gardens
    Overview of garden
    Designated Nature Trail
    • There are three designated walks in the park; The Lake Walk – 2 ½ miles, The Park Walk – 4 miles and The Farm Walk – 6 miles.
    • There is also a nature trail with a quiz. It is 5954 metres/ 1 ¼ miles long and comprises of 28 information panels along the route. Leaflets can be collected, free of charge, from the Ticket Office.
    • Some of the trail may be uneven as it navigates woodland and parkland tracks. Some of the trail is sloped. The trail has log benches along the way. There are cattle grids in/out of the deer park.
    Woodland Adventure Play Area
    • Access from the car park is via a bark path which may be uneven underfoot. The route is 25m long.
    • The play area is fenced, it is 170cm high. There is one entrance 110cm wide.
    • The flooring to the play area is bark. There are low log benches for seating.
    • Equipment is made from wood or rope or both. The zip wire is made of metal covered with a plastic coating and has a plastic seat. There is a tree house, rope walks, platforms, crawl tunnel, split-level tower, climbing frame and zip-wire.
    • The recommended age to use the play area is 5-12 years and a minimum height requirement of 105cm.
    • There is a separate area for toddlers 5 years and under. There is a sandpit, swings, raised wooden pathway and is fenced off by a wooden fence 64cm high and has an entrance which is 95cm wide.
    Woodland play area
    Woodland play area
    Log bench seating
    Log bench seating
    Cycle Hire
    • The cycle hire centre is operated by a franchise – NorfolkAdventure. Adult and children’s bicycles are available. Please check the website for opening days and times.
    • The centre is a wooden structure next to the main visitor car park. It is accessed via parkland and a hard core track. It is 12.5m long and 6.5m wide. There is a ramp leading to the entrance which is made of wooden decking with non-slip grooves. It has a gradient of 1:13, there is also a wooden handrail approx. 1m high.
    • The entrance/exit is via two double wooden doors, 87cm wide each. The counter is 97cm high, 60cm deep and 2.2m long. There are hand washing facilities here.
    Boat Hire
    • The boat hire is operated by a franchise – NorfolkAdventure and included rowing boats, canoes and kayaks. Please check the website for opening days and times – operation is also weather dependent.
    • The wooden jetty is to the north of the hall and accessed via a tarmac roadway and parkland. There is deep water and signage not to enter the water. A lifebelt is located at the jetty. Trained staff are on duty to monitor actives and age restrictions apply for some of the activities.
    Ropes Course
    • The Ropes Course is operated by a franchise – NorfolkAdventure. Please check the website for opening days and times – operation is also weather dependent.
    • The centre is a wooden structure next to the main visitor car park. It is accessed via the car park or a bark pathway running along side the car park.
    • The centre is at ground level and is wheelchair accessible. Wheelchair users are not recommended to watch participants on the course from the ground, as the terrain around the course is uneven in places, comprising of bark chippings and grass.
    • There is no outdoor seating in the Ropes Course area, but there is seating available in the Ropes Course centre and outside by the café trailer and Woodland Play Area.
    • There are toilets in the centre for visitors to use.


    Courtyard Toilets
    • The complex is made up of 8 ladies’ toilets, 5 gents’ toilets and 3 urinals, a baby changing unit and an accessible toilet.
    • The complex is accessed externally via the courtyard through double wooden doors which are each 62cm wide and open inwards. They are accessed internally via the café, the 107cm wide door leads you to a corridor which is 96cm wide at its narrowest point. The corridor is 14m in length. The disabled toilet is to your right.
    • All toilets are signed with universally recognised symbols.
    • The door into the ladies is 89cm wide and pushes inwards. The cubicle doors are floor to ceiling in height and they open inwards. The toilet seats are 48cm high.
    • The door to the gents is 82cm wide and pushes inwards. The cubicle doors are floor to ceiling and open inwards. The toilet seats are 48cm high.
    Baby Change
    • The baby change unit door opens inwards and has a width of 87cm. The floor space is 200cm wide x 140cm deep, it is made of stone and is even.
    • The baby change is 85cm high and 2m wide. There is also a toilet with a 48cm high seat. There is a Vectair Systems Babyminder Child Safety Seat installed with a max load of 20kg. The seat sits at a height of 83cm from the ground and there are two retaining straps. There are two waste bins, one nappy bin and one sanitary bin.
    Accessible Toilet
    • The accessible toilet is situated at the end of the corridor. The toilet door is 90cm wide and opens outwards towards you, the handle is 87cm high. There is also a support bar on the back of the door.
    • The total floor space is 160cm wide and 197cm deep, it is level, stone flooring.
    • The lighting is artificial and automatic as you enter the room.
    • There is 127cm in front of the toilet. The toilet seat is 48cm high. The toilet has handrails and a backrest. The flush is behind the toilet.
    • There is a support bar next to the toilet and a pull down bar, which when down to full position sits at a height of 70cm from the floor.
    • The wash basin is 72cm high, there are two vertical support bars either side.
    • There is a red emergency pull cord. The handle is 110cm from the floor.
    • The automatic hand drier is 94 cm from the floor.
    Accessible lavatory door
    Accessible toilet door
    Accessible lavatory
    Accessible toilet
    Hallway to accessible lavatory
    Hallway to accessible toilet
    External access to lavatory complex
    External access to toilet complex
    Internal access to lavatory complex
    Internal access to toilet complex
    Hall Toilets
    • These facilities are for visitors to the hall only. They are located in an external courtyard on the ground floor and are signposted from the Marble Hall. There is no accessible toilet here. Access is via a half-glass door with a 7cm step down to the courtyard.
    • The ladies’ toilets are split into two blocks (two cubicles each) and have a step up of 12cm or 23cm. The doors are 60cm wide and the flooring is linoleum.
    • The gents’ toilets (one cubicle and two urinals) have a step up of 6cm. The doors are 60cm wide.
    Further facilities
    • There are toilets close to the car park behind the ticket office. There is level access and an accessible toilet.
    • There are porta-kabin style toilets in the walled garden. There is no accessible toilet here.
    This webpage should be read in conjunction with our Visitor Information pages.

    Accessibility Equipment

    We have two wheelchairs and two mobility scooters which are free to borrow with a returnable deposit of £20. Please ask a member of staff for assistance.

    We have a hearing loop in the Holkham Stories Experience.