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Holkham Forge Partnership’ are artists, blacksmiths and sculptors who, in January 2009, brought back to life the disused forge on the estate. Since the retirement of Holkham’s last blacksmith the historic forge laid dormant. It once housed a thriving team of blacksmiths and farriers who worked tirelessly with anvil and bellows to shoe the large number of working horses and maintain the estate’s horse-drawn carriages.

Three enthusiastic and experienced blacksmiths have been working together for five years with the local community, schools, churches, businesses and private customers. They are the current link in the chain of old lineage of Norfolk village blacksmiths producing beautiful hand-forged metalwork for local people, using traditional techniques of forge, fire, hammer and anvil.

Each has their own spirit and style and their individual passions, expertise and vision are focused through their shared creative ethos of simplicity, beauty and utility. Their work is both strong and lyrical and produced in partnership with their customers. Each piece is individual and unique, whether it be a commission for the home, a piece of sculpture or the restoration of an historic item. The forge also runs bespoke blacksmithing courses for those who want to experience their ancient craft first-hand.

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The Forge,
Holkham Park,
Norfolk, NR23 1RU.

To arrange an appointment contact James Spedding tel: 07881 632257. Open weekdays.
Email: blacksmith@holkhamforge.co.uk