Keep dogs on a lead or under close control

Coastal Code, Horses & Dogs

Please be aware we are expecting extremely high tides over the next six days (17th-22nd September). We strongly advise checking the tide times here before travelling. Please note, due to very high tides, horses will not be able to access the beach during this time.

Horse Riding

We welcome horses on Holkham Beach at the following times only:

Arrival between 6am to 9am and leave parking area no later than 11am

Arrival between 4pm to 6pm and leave parking area no later than 8.30pm

Holkham Estate welcomes responsible horse riders to the wide open expanse of Holkham beach. In addition to the sandy beach there are areas that are special for wildlife but vulnerable and easily damaged. Please help us to protect this internationally important nature reserve by observing the following:

  • Please access the beach from the end of Lady Anne’s Drive by following the white arrows on the marker posts. This route takes you directly to the beach and safely through the dunes and developing saltmarsh that are very easily damaged. Always return by the same route.
  • Once on the beach, horses may be ridden anywhere on the sand but below the high tide mark. Please do not ride beyond the start of the beach huts at Wells as it can be very busy, especially in the summer.
  • At certain times of the year, small areas of shingle are fencing off to protect rare ground nesting birds such as terns and ringed plover. To help protect the nesting area for the birds please avoid the fragile shingle ridges even when there are no fences.
  • Riding is not permitted on the sand dunes, shingle ridges, saltmarsh or within the pines under any circumstance.
  • There is strictly no access for horses across the Burnham Overy Channel to Scolt Head Island.
  • Please exercise care and consideration for other beach users at all times.


The beaches at Wells-next-the-Sea and Holkham form part of a unique landscape, rich in wildlife and one which we need your help to protect. The area is popular with dog walkers throughout the year and we would like to remind all owners that it is your responsibility to keep your dog under close supervision and control and that you MUST clean up after your dog and use the dog waste bins provided.

Coastal Code

Please follow the Coastal Code when you visit Holkham, help us to keep it beautiful and valuable to wildlife for future visitors. The reserve is open to the public on agreed access routes. Please do not walk on the farmland or grazing marshes.

  • The use of barbeques, fires, stoves and sky lanterns are prohibited.
  • The use of drones, kite buggies, surf boards, sand yachts and remote control cars/appliances/gadgets are not permitted on the beach.
  • Keep dogs on a lead or under close control. For the benefit of other visitors to the beach and nature reserve please ensure you clean up after your dog and use the dog bins provided.
  • Reduce erosion by keeping to paths and established paths.
  • Avoid disturbing birds and other animals. Birds that live on the beach are particularly at risk.
  • Leave wild flowers for others to enjoy.
  • Play and sit on the beach not the dunes.
  • Do not dig in the dunes.
  • Use your bicycle but stick to authorised routes.
  • Please take your litter home.


Holkham is open to a wide stretch of sea, so anything can be blown or washed ashore. On occasion live ammunition and unexploded bombs have been found about the reserve. If you do come across a suspicious item leave it well alone and report your discovery to the coast guard.