New high Ropes course at Holkham


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Our programmes are available at both GCSE and A-Level - click here to download the updated specifications links.

High Ropes Course and Cycling Challenge

An ideal choice for Key Stage 3, our new Holkham High Ropes course will test teamwork, resilience, communication, and determination with wobbly crossings, swinging bridges and zip wires all in the treetops! We will get the most out of the day and jump on our bikes to explore the far corners of the Holkham Estate – can you complete the challenge?

This exciting day is delivered by our partners Norfolk Adventure with prices at £15 per pupil (plus VAT). Participants must be over 1m tall, wearing closed shoes and long trousers.

Food Preparation and Nutrition

Holkham Stories Experience and Farmland Trailer Tour – learn more about food provenance, reared ingredients (beef, lamb and game) grown ingredients including key commodities (cereals, sugar beet and oilseed rape).

6-acre Walled Garden – visit our productive fruit and vegetable garden to discover first-hand food seasonality, classification and how we grow fresh produce which is used in the Victoria Inn at Holkham.

Catering Operations – meet some of our catering team and learn how our cafés operate. How do we develop menus, what suppliers do we use, how do we recruit, train and retain staff, what are GP and wage percentages and how do they influence how the business is run?


Coastal Processes and Management – discover the impact of coastal processes has on landscape at Wells and Holkham. Learn what Shoreline Management Plans are in place and at what cost. What does the future have in store?

Stiffkey River Study - access the River Stiffkey safely and conduct fieldwork techniques to discover how fluvial processes affect velocity, depth, wetted perimeter and gradient.

Sand Dune Succession – undertake practical fieldwork collecting both abiotic and biotic data of an example of Primary Succession along a transect from embryo dunes into the pine woodland. Measurements include slope gradient, soil analysis, species diversity and abundance.

Conservation Management – with nearly a million visitors a year, how do we manage Holkham National Nature Reserve? Learn how higher level stewardship and tourism fund this unique work, protecting wildlife for future generations.

Business, Leisure and Tourism – tourism now accounts for over 70% of the estate’s income. Take a look at the operational side of the business, Holkham Enterprises, which hosts 200,000 visitors to the park each year. Marketing, catering, event management, customer service and retail are all key to this diversification success.


Psammosere Succession – undertake practical fieldwork collecting both abiotic and biotic data of an example of Primary Succession along a transect from embryo dunes into the pine woodland. Data obtained can be used for independent investigations including statistical analysis.

Biodiversity and Ecosystems – visit different areas of the estate to sample the biodiversity present. Freshwater sampling in the lake, wildflower meadows and hedgerows can all be visited and sampled providing examples of different fieldwork techniques and sampling methods.

Woodland Ecology and Management – compare an area of managed woodland to an unmanaged area. Sample abiotic and biotic data to make calculations of populations and investigate the influence of a named environmental factor on species distribution.

Art & Design, Textiles and Photography

The art collection in the hall is internationally renowned with works being loaned to galleries, exhibitions and museums across the globe. Each of the staterooms features different textiles, tapestries, furniture and statues. Your students will have access to explore and interpret as they wish for project work or coursework. Holkham National Nature Reserve, deer park and Walled Garden all are excellent opportunities for landscape inspired work.

Holkham Hall State Rooms

Holkham National Nature Reserve

Deer park and six-acre Walled Garden