Land management at Holkham


Secondary & Sixth Form

Holkham Park

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Biodiversity and Ecosystems (B/G)
The range of different habitats within the park gives pupils the opportunity to collect data relating to species and ecosystem diversity. Important field study skills can be put into practice as we look closely at the range of flora and fauna present in the different ecosystems around the park, identifying which species support each other and how conservation measures are working or could be developed. Holkham Park offers woodland, grazing pasture, wild meadow, lake, hedgerows and arable farmland in a compact area – all of which can be studied in one visit or alternatively two sites studied to compare and contrast impacts of our management.

Woodland Ecology and Management (B/G)
We are fortunate to have a number of rich and varied areas of woodland around the park. During this visit we look at woodland management techniques, hedgerow planting and maintenance and the use of wood as a crop, for timber and fuel. Abiotic and biotic measurements can be taken to compare and contrast areas of coniferous and deciduous woodland or to study the structure of the woodland ecosystem. Autumn visits can include a study of fungi found in the woods.

Business Studies, Leisure and Tourism (BLT)
Holkham Estate is a diverse, privately run business and, as such, has much to offer pupils studying the commercial world. It is still a thriving and very large farming business, which has diversified to include renewable energies, a holiday park, a hotel, a property business and a visitor attraction. Holkham hosts up to 120,000 visitors a year, who are attracted to the Hall’s history, architecture and art collection, as well as the deer park, the lake and the Walled Garden. In order to attract a diverse customer base the parkland also has a woodland adventure play area and offers cycle hire and lake activities during the high season. Students will be given an overview of the estate and learn how we run our tourism businesses including visitor operations, marketing, catering, event management and customer services.

Field to Fork Exhibition (B/G)
Visit our brand new, state of the art, interactive exhibition, exploring food and farming on the estate, past and present. Gain an overview of significant events which have affected the estate in the past, whilst exploring the new, innovative ways we are using farming to help conserve the landscape today. Learn how the work of our conservation, farming, forestry and game keeping departments is interwoven, which ultimately produces the landscape you see today. Where does the food on your plate come from and what impact does it have on the farming industry and the countryside? Find out more

Land Management Trailer Tour (B/G)
Embark on a guided tour of the estate on our purpose built passenger trailer to see how we manage the land for people, wildlife, agriculture and income generation. This tour looks at large scale arable farming, game keeping and shooting, sustainable forestry, historic parkland and management of the National Nature Reserve.

Renewable Energies Trailer Tour (G)
With the threat of sea level rise and global warming, sustainability is crucial in order for Holkham to continue to be viable in an ever changing landscape. Take a tour of the estate to visit a number of renewable energy initiatives and learn how we utilise land for energy production. See first hand how we commercially manage our woodland to produce biomass to heat Holkham Hall whilst in Holkham village visit the waste water treatment plant which replaces septic tanks and visit Longlands business park to see how underground heat pumps heat the buildings and hot water on site. Over at Egmere, the home of our farming operation, visit a large scale solar farm and anaerobic digester which operate from our land producing electric and gas to the mains grid respectively.

Holkham Hall

Guided Tours and Sketching Workshops (A)
The art collection here at Holkham is internationally renowned and offers pupils the chance to study and sketch works by Rubens, Van Dyck, Snyders, and many more. The estate loans works to galleries, museums and exhibitions all over the world and hosts visits by many leading fine arts researchers. In addition to the paintings and furniture, the exquisitely decorated Marble Hall and Statue Gallery, which contain perhaps the most complete collection of classical statuary in a private house in Britain, will also be of interest to pupils. All the statues are Roman and sculpted between the 1st and 3rd centuries AD, and will provide inspiration to pupils looking to work in different types of media. You will be guided by experts in the history of the artworks and will also have the opportunity to spend extended time sketching in the state rooms.

Sketching Workshops (A)
Our extensive Deer Park offers Grade 1 listed historic parkland, where pupils can draw the resident Fallow Deer herd, Holkham Hall, the historic and adorned monument and the lake, rich in wildlife. Here, they can sketch, paint or photograph the fabulous scenery. Time spent practicing different skills on an array of different subjects will inspire artistic minds.

Holkham National Nature Reserve

Psammosere Succession (B/G)
Undertake a detailed study of the sand dune systems on Holkham National Nature Reserve. Learn how the dunes are formed and develop from fore dunes into embryo dunes and then succeed into yellow and grey dunes. Discover the essential role pioneer and secondary plants play in this complex succession system and how they are adapted to their harsh environment. You will also complete a range of important field work, measuring gradient, wind speed, soil pH, moisture and nitrogen levels, species diversity and abundance. This data can then be used back at school and your experience will develop essential geography field work skills.

Conservation Management (G)
Learn first-hand how we manage 3000 acres of parkland, 5750 acres of arable farmland and a National Nature Reserve of 9158 acres, which has 18km of coastline, in a way which ensures all aspects of wildlife are conserved and the future of the estate is protected. From undertaking Higher Level Stewardship on our farmland, to protecting breeding colonies of rare birds and amphibians, the job of conservation here at Holkham involves the work of many different people from many different departments in order to achieve a sustainable balance protecting the estate for future generations.

Coastal Processes and Management (G)
The changing weather patterns in recent years have had a particularly profound effect on the Norfolk coastline. Discover what threats, old and new, the coastline faces and the different ways in which we can deal with them. How can we best protect the coastal environment and the people who live here? Take a close look at the rapidly changing habitats and the processes which shape them.

Sketching Workshops (A)
Our National Nature Reserve offers fantastic landscape views of grazing marsh, woodlands, seascapes, dunes and beach – all with north Norfolk’s amazing light and huge skies. Here, pupils can sketch, paint or photograph the fabulous scenery. Time spent practising different skills on an array of different subjects will inspire artistic minds.

(B) Biology
(G) Geography
(B/G) Biology/Geography
(A) Art & Design
(BLT) Business, Leisure & Tourism