KS2 education programmes at Holkham including the NEW high ropes course.



NEW Woodland Camp - Holkham Park
Spend a day in our secluded woodland with our resident forest dweller ‘Woodland Will’. Activities include bushcraft, camp fire creation, den building, team building and much more!

Active Adventurers - Holkham Park
Test your head your heights and develop confidence, teamwork, communication, and resilience in our new action packed day! Pick two activities from Holkham High Ropes, Cycling or Woodland Survivors. Ideal as an end of year, post-SAT’s treat, a transition to High School or a great way to get your new class better acquainted in September.
This exciting day is delivered by our partners Norfolk Adventure and prices start from £12 per pupil (plus VAT).
Participants must be over 1m tall, wearing closed shoes and long trousers. Please note participants will need to be able to ride a bicycle to take part in the cycling session.

Wildlife Encounters - Holkham National Nature Reserve!
Explore the habitats at Holkham National Nature Reserve, record wildlife present using fieldwork skills, discover more about conservation or just relax and get creative with natural sculpture.

Outdoor Adventures - Holkham Park
Discover the plants and animals in Holkham park with our classic sessions, Pond Dipping, Wildlife Walk and Woodland Explorers. Or, spend the day as a NEW Woodland Survivor in our new challenge involving food, shelter and fire.

Plants and Flowers - Walled Garden
How do plants reproduce, what are the different parts called, how do they grow, and most importantly, which parts do we eat? All will be revealed in our Get Growing and Magic of Seeds sessions.

Food and Farming - Holkham Stories Experience
Visit our Holkham Stories Experience and jump on a Tractor Tour to find out what crops we grow and livestock we rear on the farm.

Seaside Fun - Wells Beach
Visit the beach to see how coasts work, what animals live there and how they survive. Contrast habitats in the pinewoods, plus add a spot of creativity with clay creatures or natural materials. Visit the exhibition in Wells to find out more about the history of the town.

A Day in the Life - Holkham Hall
Become a detective for the day by solving cryptic clues in Holkham Hall to reveal Who-dunnit in our Murder Mystery session. Alternatively, explore local history with an interactive tour of this family home.

Magic of Christmas - Holkham Hall
Join us on a sparkling tour of Holkham Hall. Discover how Christmas, as we know it, has been shaped by traditions and how it has changed over time. A truly magical experience, and you might just meet someone special along the way…Click here to find out more.

For more information on the details of these sessions, including National Curriculum links, please contact us here.