KS2 education programmes at Holkham



A Day in the Life (Hall Day)
Use literacy, numeracy and interpretation skills to solve the cryptic clues hidden around the Hall to reveal who dunnit in our Murder Mystery session. Explore the Hall from the perspective of Thomas Coke looking at the souvenirs he brought back from his ‘gap year’.

Walled Garden Day
New for 2018 we are thrilled to offer a programme of fun, hands on sensory sessions in our Walled Garden. Covering six acres there’s lots to explore including a fruit and vegetable patch, rose garden and a small orchard which is home to our chickens and bee hives. Sessions are designed to enable one in the morning and one in the afternoon.
Please note, the Walled Garden is a quarter of a mile from the coach drop off point so some walking is required. Transport for students or groups with mobility issues can be arranged. Temporary lavatories and indoor space are located within the gardens.

Get Growing – Embark on a scavenger hunt to explore the fruit and vegetable patch. Discover what plants need to grow and the different parts of plants which we can eat. Plant a broad bean each to look after at school and observe the changes as it grows.

Magic seeds – Investigate the diverse world of seeds and different ways plants use to disperse them. Find out why flowers are so important for bees and visit our flock of chickens.

Outdoor Adventures (Holkham Park Day)
Discover the varied habitats within our deer park, what lurks at the bottom of the lake before seeking out minibeasts in the woodland. Get hands on exploring the numeracy in the natural world and test your teamwork with a spot of den building.

Holkham Food & Farming Day
Visit the interactive Field to Fork Experience and uncover what it takes to grow the food on your fork. The Trailer Tour brings learning to life as pupils visit our fields to unearth the food we grow at Holkham. Please note maximum number per trailer tour including adults is 32. Where possible we will endeavour to coordinate the timetable to facilitate participation by all.
Swap the Tractor Trailer for two wheels and cycle around a marked route to collect stamps and discover what’s happening on the farm. Please note an additional charge for cycle hire is made and children must be confident in riding a bike. For more details please contact us.

Wells Beach & Woods Day
Visit the beach and explore both the seaside and the woods in one day. Uncover the relationship between the sea and the coastline, what are tides and how do they affect our sandy beaches. Get hands on exploring the natural world through a strandline scavenge and after lunch investigate the pine woodland whilst testing your teamwork with a spot of den building.

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