One of the three grain stores within the Holkham farming department

Grain Store

There are three grain stores on the Holkham Estate with a total capacity of 25,000 tonnes. The central grain store is based at Egmere and has a capacity to hold 22,000 tonnes of grain with individual crops of wheat, barley and oil seed rape being stored separately.

In 2013 Holkham Farming Company undertook a project to update the drying plant and the grain store facilities. The machines are now fully automated and are controlled by a computerised touch screen with a result that the system is quicker and more efficient. There are two driers which have a throughput rate of 40-50 tonnes per hour and a blending plant, so that crops can be blended according to customers’ requirements.

There is also a public weighbridge on site which has a Trading Standards certification and is open to the public.