Oilseed rape

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Oilseed Rape

The farming operation grows approximately 1,300 tonnes of oilseed rape with this quantity varying according to the year’s crop rotation.

Oilseed rape is a valuable crop for cattle fodder and for biofuels. Recently, interest has developed in the rape oil that is extracted from the seeds. This oil has half the saturated fat of olive oil, ten times the omega-3 content and a high burn point, which makes rapeseed oil of great interest for healthy cooking.

A Norfolk company, Crush, has started to market single variety rape oil for domestic and culinary use, using between four and five tonnes of oilseed rape grown at Holkham. The remainder of the crop is traded on the open market, much of it going to biofuel production. Holkham rapeseed oil, produced and marketed by Crush, is available from the Holkham Gift Shop.