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North Norfolk’s spring barley is especially sought after by local brewers and maltsters and at Holkham we grow an old variety of winter barley called Maris Otter which makes the malt that gives flavour to real ale. In addition we grow two other varieties of winter barley, Flagon and Venture, which produce the malt that goes into lagers.

In spring 2013, Holkham entered into an exclusive deal with world famous, Southwold-based brewer Adnams, to supply approximately 50% of the malt to be used by the brewery for their brewing and distilling over the following three years. This approach to local sustainability of supply of good quality barley from field to brewery was been driven by Boortmalt, a leading Suffolk maltster based in Bury St. Edmunds and Adnams and Boortmalt worked together to source a local supply of quality malting barley.

Holkham Estate was the ideal candidate for this project producing excellent malting barley with its committed approach to reducing its carbon footprint, employing a conservation policy and embarking on a number of projects to benefit the environment. Adnams is committed to producing quality products sustainably for long term success. The relationship with Holkham means that the company can increase the transparency of its supply chain for both farmer and brewer. The relationship forged between the two companies means that volatility in the grain markets and the variation in the quality of malting barley from year to year can be managed successfully. Click here here to read further information on the malting barley contract with Adnams.

And last, but by no means least, our barley also goes into the production of malt at Munton’s Malt in Stowmarket which makes the honeycombed centres of Maltesers.