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Holkham Emerald Limited is a partnership between Holkham Estate and Emerald Crops Limited. It was set up in late 2008 to grow potatoes, carrots and parsnips on the estate using the land, water and growing expertise of Holkham and the marketing of Emerald Crops.

The Holkham Emerald business uses a contractor to do the primary cultivations, ridging, de-stoning, planting and harvesting, Holkham Farming Company then take over to look after and grow the crops by fertilising, spraying and irrigating.

In 2012 it was decided by both parties to finish growing carrots and parsnips and concentrate on the potato business. To date, Holkham Emerald is growing 400 hectares of potatoes, three quarters of them salad potatoes and the remaining main crop potatoes. The estate has no cold storage and all crops are harvested into boxes and sold direct, or stored in third party storage.

We produce 10 million bags of salad potatoes each year which are supplied to specialist markets in the UK and Europe. The rest is produce for the home market and ends up in major supermarkets.