Keep dogs on a lead or under close control

Coastal Code

Please follow the Coastal Code whilst you visit Holkham, help us to keep it beautiful and valuable to wildlife for future visitors. The reserve is open to the public on agreed access routes. Please do not walk on the farmland or grazing marshes.

  • The use of barbeques, fires or stoves is prohibited.
  • Keep dogs on a lead or under close control.
  • For the benefit of other visitors to the beach and nature reserve please ensure you clean up after your dog and use the dog bins provided.
  • Look out signs and leaflets showing how to prevent damage to plants and animals.
  • Reduce erosion by keeping to paths and established routes.
  • Avoid disturbing birds and other animals. Birds that live on the beach are particularly at risk.
  • Leave wild flowers for others to enjoy.
  • Play and sit on the beach not the dunes.
  • Do not dig in the dunes.
  • Use your bicycle but stick to authorised routes.
  • Please take your litter home.
  • The use of kite buggies, surf boards and sand yachts is not permitted on the beach.


Both dog-walkers and dogs are enthusiastic about wildlife, but dogs do not always realise when they are causing trouble. When they are off the lead they can panic shorebirds into abandoning their nests: seals and other animals are also vulnerable to unintended disturbance. Please keep dogs under control and away from cordoned areas.

Horse Riding

Horse riding is permitted on the beach. Please read this important information.


Holkham is open to a wide stretch of sea, so anything can be blown or washed ashore. On occasion live ammunition and unexploded bombs have been found about the reserve. If you do come across a suspicious item leave it well alone and report your discovery to the coast guard.

To contact the Conservation Manager of the Holkham National Nature Reserve please telephone 01328 800730 or