Commercial properties

Cattle sheds

During the colder months when our free-range (and rather beautiful) herd of cattle are not grazing the Holkham National Nature Reserve, they can now be found residing in their two new cattle sheds at New Farm, south of Wells-next-the-Sea. Designed to hold 1,000 head of cattle, in winter they’re home to the estate’s herd of around 600 South Devon cross and 80 Belted Galloway cattle.

These state-of-the-art sheds not only have rainwater harvesting and all the latest mod-cons, but housing the herd in one location minimises transportation which is far kinder for the cattle. All the manure produced can be transported onsite without the need to go onto the public highway, and the land around the new sheds is ideal for growing feed for the cattle – a closed-loop life cycle to be celebrated.