Holkham returns to the Bad Manors Podcast

March 26, 2024 | Holkham voices | 3 minute read

Holkham is back on the Bad Manors podcast this week, in an episode titled Holkham Hall Returns.

This episode sees Holkham’s Archivist, Lucy Purvis, and Collections Co-ordinator, Katherine Hardwick, chatting to comedian, The Honourable Tom Houghton.

The three discuss some of Holkham’s most notable women, including Polly Fishburn and Lady Jane Digby.

Tom Houghton’s podcast is very highly rated, and ‘takes us inside Britain’s stately homes, castles and country estates to hear about their local histories, the scandals, the mysteries and occasionally the odd ghost that makes up the fabric of what they are. These are the tales you won’t hear in the guidebook.’

Here’s what Lucy had to say about the podcast:

“Making the podcast was great fun and although I listen to various podcasts, I’d not really thought about how they are made – planning and discussion of topics and then a date for recording with a special microphone arriving in the post. On the day, after an initial sound test, we spoke for a couple of hours on all manner of topics before focusing on two of the finest Holkham heroines: the magnificent gamekeeper Polly Fishburn and the phenomenon that was Lady Jane Digby, granddaughter to Thomas William Coke. Both 19th century women, lived extraordinary lives – very different and at times, brutally tragic. Tom is a very engaging listener, and it was very easy to talk about both women and he could see the humour in the anecdotes and the pathos in the tragedies that befell them both. It was a pleasure to make – even if I did suggest I could take on a kangaroo! For season 2, perhaps we can persuade Tom to come to Holkham, I’d love to show him around the hall and the estate!”

Lucy ready for the podcast recording

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If you enjoy listening, you might want to listen to a previous episode of Bad Manors, titled ‘Holkham Hall: Diary of a Cranky Woman’, in which Katherine spoke to Tom about Thomas Coke and Lady Mary Coke. Find out more here.

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