Holkham on the Bad Manors Podcast

February 15, 2024 | Holkham voices | 2 minute read

Holkham’s Collections Coordinator, Katherine Hardwick, has been interviewed for the Bad Manors podcast.

Katherine joined UK comedian, The Honourable Tom Houghton, to create this half hour episode.

Tom Houghton’s podcast comes very highly rated, and ‘takes us inside Britain’s stately homes, castles and country estates to hear about their local histories, the scandals, the mysteries and occasionally the odd ghost that makes up the fabric of what they are. These are the tales you won’t hear in the guidebook.’


Here’s what Katherine had to say about the podcast:

“I chatted to Tom about Thomas Coke – the builder of Holkham – and Lady Mary Coke, who made it into the episode’s title, ‘Diary of a Cranky Woman’. It was my first experience of being on a podcast, and I really enjoyed it. It was great to be able to talk about Holkham’s history in a more informal way, as well as to delve into Lady Mary’s diaries in more detail. She comments on many of the social and political events of the 18th century, many of which have already made it into main stream media. I recently found her comments on the affair of the Queen of Sweden, which was made into a movie a few years ago with Alicia Vikander – though these didn’t make it into the podcast, other juicy titbits did!”

If you enjoy listening, you’ll be pleased to hear that in another upcoming episode, Tom speaks to Lucy Purvis, Holkham’s archivist. We’ll share the link here, or you can subscribe to the podcast on your preferred podcast app.

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