A Holkham Christmas brought to life by artist Lucy Loveheart

November 24, 2023 | Christmas | 3 minute read

Lucy Loveheart is an artist based in Norfolk, whose beautiful prints and cards you have most likely seen in some of the county’s lovely independent stores, or even in our very own gift shop! This year, we’re thrilled to have worked with Lucy on a magical, festive print, available to see inside Holkham Hall on a candlelight tour, and a wonderful Holkham Christmas decoration.

As the team continue their hard work creating Holkham’s Christmas magic, we caught up with Lucy to discuss her painting when she brought it in to display proudly in the Hall.

Lucy first explained how her relationship with Holkham began.

“My lovely friend Milly got me and Holkham together, thinking it would be good for us to have an introduction. We sampled a few prints in the gift shop, then I was invited on a tour of the estate. From there, I did a big painting – there have been prints of that available in the shop for a while.”

Earlier this year, Lucy and the Holkham team discussed the idea of a festive painting. This new painting, available to see in the Hall as part of the candlelight tours, has a festive twist, and is created with icy blues and “a touch of magic.”

In the painting, you can see key images associated with Holkham, including the deer herd, bird life and the traditional Father Christmas in his green outfit. Up close, the painting is beautifully textured. “I use watercolour, glitter and a touch of magic in the painting!” shares Lucy.

And in the sky above the Hall, you can see an angel – ‘Magic Milly’, an homage to the lady who started Lucy’s relationship with Holkham. “Sadly we lost Milly a few years ago,” Lucy told me, “So I wanted to paint her spreading magic over all of Holkham, since it was Milly who got me working with you.”

Lucy’s original artwork can be viewed in the Hall this December on your candlelight tour. You can also visit the gift shop to buy one of our special Holkham decorations, produced from the original artwork, at £15, or a print of the full painting. The original artwork is also for sale.



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