The Statue Gallery

The Hall

The Statue Gallery

The Statue Gallery contains perhaps the most complete collection of Classical statuary in a private house in Britain. The purpose of this room was to show off this collection and the niches were built to the dimensions of the statues.

All the statues are Roman and sculpted between the 1st and 3rd centuries AD, except for the 18th century medallion of Julius Caesar above the fireplace and the two plaster casts of fauns at the south end of the room.

In 1772, one of the lady tourists making her way round the Hall admired the statues, but decided it would be impolite to examine them closely as they were all so slenderly clad. In Victorian times, the statues had shrouds to hide their modesty.

The pair of mid-Georgian mahogany and parcel gilt sofas date back to 1757 and, in the 1990s, were re-upholstered in blue Moroccan leather to replicate their original covering.