February half term’s never ending story

February 21, 2023 | Learning | 5 minute read

This February half term, we enjoyed making our own Holkham stories with brilliant book-themed trails, creative bookworm crafts and a parkland tales trail. If you joined us in the education room, you may have contributed to our never-ending story…

Children were invited to continue our tale about a little boy called Thomas, by adding one crazy line at a time. Thomas certainly had an eventful half term and we hope yours was just as exciting!

Here is our never-ending half term story…

Once upon a time, there was a boy called Thomas. When he was two years old his parents discovered he could transform into items of furniture (and moths on Fridays) – just by wriggling his nose. But his parents were concerned he would turn into something that he couldn’t change back from.

One day Thomas was in his garden playing football when he accidentally wriggled his nose and turned into a cat! He climbed up a tree and caught a bird….luckily for the bird Thomas wasn’t used to being a cat and the bird got away. Then he transformed back into a human but he couldn’t get down from the tree! He jumped out of the tree but had to go to the hospital because he had hurt himself.

When they got to the hospital the doctor said ‘you have a broken leg’. This meant he needed to stay in the hospital for two months until he got better. At home, it was just his parents so it was very quiet without him. They really missed him, but then they got a phone call. The doctor had found out Thomas could shapeshift! Apparently, he had turned into a hospital bed and they put a patient on him. The hospital staff didn’t know what they were going to do!!

Thomas’ parents rushed to the hospital, stopping on the way for one last peaceful coffee. When they arrived at the hospital they discovered Thomas had been rolling patients around the room causing absolute carnage for all the staff. He rolled into a room with lots of other hospital beds and his parents couldn’t work out which one was him! They called in a search party, but they couldn’t find Thomas. Meanwhile, Thomas continued to cause chaos in the hospital, doing wheelies up and down corridors.

Finally, Thomas was found by his parents and they took him home straight away. Then he turned himself back into his old self again! When at home he started to read his favourite book. Suddenly he wriggled his nose and he flew into the book, which was Harry Potter.

Thomas landed inside Snape’s potion lesson. He got in large trouble for not wearing the proper uniform. A clan of people started laughing and making jokes about him. Thomas wriggled his nose and turned into their desks. He thought a sneaky thought and spilled their ink pots, then quickly changed back.

“I am Thomas Edwards, and I am a human,” he said.

Right then Dumbledore came in.

“What is all this racket?” Dumbledore asked.

Immediately Thomas wriggled his nose and left the book. He turned into a chair before his parents came in. His mum then sat on him! His mum’s amazingly long hair tickled him and made the chair rock and threw his mum onto the floor! But then, oh no! His nose started to tickle again….he was now so ticklish he could have exploded! After a few more ticklish minutes Thomas received a note through the door and then…BANG! He exploded back into a human.

Thomas then wriggled his nose and turned into a bat. He flew into a spooky woods and found a very comfy tree and fell asleep upside down. The bat woke up and was hungry. However, it was daytime and bats can’t go out at daytime so he waited for the sun to set to find some food.

But at midnight he turned back into a human. But Thomas was still in the bat cave, then he heard the worst thing you could ever hear in a terrifying cave – it was the loudest roar he had ever heard and it came from the depths of this ginormous abyss. Thomas then realised what could have made the roar, he decided to stride into the cold dark tunnel to find out what it was.

Slowly but cautiously, Thomas crept into the depths of the cave where the humungous roar came from. Listening carefully, he could hear a distant grunt. He cautiously crept closer… Suddenly, just as he was about to see what the strange creature was, his foot turned into a chair! The creature spotted him, he was in danger – what was he going to do?!

He grabbed his sword and sliced at the creature. Who was going to win? The creature then stopped. Thomas pulled his sword out of the creature’s chest, Thomas had won.

The sword then broke and he went back home to his mum and dad – there was only one solution but they didn’t know how to fix the sword. Trouble was brewing, imminently.

He then went to get some tacos with his friend, all was peaceful. Until Thomas reached for a scotch bonnet chili sauce. The scotch bonnet chili sauce was actually a black hole that could take you to somewhere else on earth. Where would Thomas end up?

Thomas looked around at he was at the north pole. He heard someone say ‘Ho Ho Ho!’. There was a man all in red with a bushy white beard and seven reindeer. It was Father Christmas!

“Thanks for being here Thomas, I very much need your help!” said Father Christmas.

Father Christmas needed his help because the elves were refusing to work in the toy factory.



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