Walled Garden Stories – a brand new exhibition

July 3, 2024 | Garden goss | 3 minute read

In June 2024, a brand new exhibition launched in a room at the side of the Samuel Wyatt Vinery. The new ‘Walled Garden Stories’ exhibit engages visitors with the Walled Garden’s history in a creative, interactive exhibition space. In this journal, Emma Bushell, who works in Holkham’s Marketing team, was heavily involved in bringing the exhibition to life. Here are her thoughts on Walled Garden Stories…


What can visitors expect from the new Walled Garden Stories exhibition?

The Walled Garden Stories exhibition is an introduction to the garden, its past and its present. Visitors can learn about the garden’s history and function, its incredible buildings and about the wonderful people who have worked there over the years. Settle on the sofa to watch a film featuring, and made by, the walled garden team as they share stories and insights about the garden.

What makes this different to what we learn in Holkham Stories or a Walled Garden tour?

Garden Stories is a great introduction and for anyone wishing to learn more about this fascinating space, we would highly recommend a Walled Garden Walking Tour.


What are your favourite parts of the exhibition?

My favourite thing about the exhibition is that it is the vision and work of so many members of the Holkham team. The volunteers have helped with the decorating and making the fabulous cloche-style light shades. Hooker, the houseman, brought his incredible skills to the tool display and making a mantelpiece, amongst other things. Mark, the head gardener, did a huge amount of research for the exhibition. David, the designer, came up with the joyful exhibition concepts and layouts. Clementine and I had great fun shooting and interviewing for the film. Our trusty signmaker, Soanes Signs, did a sterling job building the exhibition structure, and Jim – thank you for rescuing the ceilings!

What do you think is the most interesting part of the garden’s history?

I am fascinated by the garden in Victorian times and would love to go back in a time machine to see the new glasshouses and exciting fruits and vegetables that were being grown, see what tools and working practices were in use and take in the noise and hubbub of a busy working garden.


How did the exhibition come about?

The Holkham Stories Experience in the Stables Courtyard is a great introduction to the wider Holkham Estate for our visitors. Walled Garden Stories is an expansion of this, giving an introduction to the Walled Garden.


If you’d like to come and see the Walled Garden Stories exhibition, it’s included in the price of a Walled Garden ticket. Book online or walk up to the garden on your next visit to Holkham.

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