Holkham Walled Garden North Norfolk

The Walled Garden


An exciting project is underway at Holkham to restore the 6 acres of walled garden which was originally laid out by Samuel Wyatt during the late 1700s. You can follow the restoration work as it progresses by visiting our online diary.

Visitors are invited to see how the work is progressing. Their first step will take them through Italian iron-work gates which were brought from Venice in 1908 and into one of the seven sections, known as ‘rooms’. The walls within the garden act as a windbreak and reflect the sun to create a gentle microclimate. In Victorian times the garden would have provided a constant and varied supply of food and decoration to the hall, ranging from vegetables and flowers to a wide variety of both common and exotic fruits.

There is a spectacular stand of large Victorian greenhouses which have been renovated back to their original splendour with the help of English Heritage. There are also sunken greenhouses designed to be at a lower level to avoid extreme temperature fluctuations; these are scheduled for renovation in the near future.

The trained pear trees here date from the original Victorian plantings and on the garden walls are a number of fig varieties and an olive tree which enjoys the warmth provided. These are joined by banks of wavy topped yew hedging. In the ‘Arena of Plants’ visitors will be greeted with a variety of blooms and range of colour and scents, with seating provided to enjoy the peaceful surroundings.

A working area, the vegetable garden, will hopefully once again provide sufficient produce for the family’s kitchen, for entertaining and any surplus food will be used at The Victoria Inn. A newly planted vineyard adds interest. It is hoped that the vines will provide fruits for grape juice and the table, once established.

At the far end of the garden, one ‘room’ has been laid to lawn with surrounding flower beds and has been designated for weddings and other events. It is a perfect venue for marquee based functions and hosts the annual Holkham Plant Fair.

Please click here for details of 2018 opening times and admission.

Information The walled garden is situated to the west of the hall, approximately ¼ mile following the hardcore road and grassed parkland. Car parking is limited and is only available for visitors with disabilities. We operate a free buggy service from near the Ticket Office for visitors who would prefer not to walk.