The Farm walk

The Park

The Farm Walk

Look for the red arrows on the waymarker posts which have been placed along the route of this walk to assist you. The green arrows are for the park walk, the yellow arrows are for the lake walk and the brown, blue and pink arrows indicate the cycle routes.

Starting at the car park in Park Road, Holkham Village, turn right and enter the Park via the north gates. From here turn right and follow the woodland track until you reach The Monument, which was completed in 1850 in memory of Coke of Norfolk, on your left. Bearing left, follow the track through the trees down towards the lake to your right, continue across the parkland in the direction of Holkham Hall.

At the Hall you will join the main drive through the Estate. Continue in a southerly direction, past the 17th Century Ice House and head towards the Obelisk. Exit the Deer Park via the gate to the right of the cattle grid up to the Obelisk, remembering to close the gate. At this point, a glance backwards bears evidence to the fact that the Obelisk, the centre of the Hall and The Monument to the north, all stand in a direct line.

Continue down the hill on the South Drive until the first crossroads and turn right. This track takes you through arable land to another crossroads. Turn left and head towards Scarboro’ Wood and then Scarboro’ Clump. At the end of Scarboro’ Clump turn left along the track to rejoin the main South Drive. Cross over the main avenue and follow the track between open fields, passing Green Clump on your left and Ridge Nut on your right. Ahead lies the Great Barn, a listed building built in 1790 and the site of the Holkham Sheep Shearings.

From here follow the road round to the left and back towards the South Drive. Turn right and retrace your route back past the Obelisk, into the Park and back to Holkham Hall. By following the main drive in a northerly direction, you will return to the North gates and Almshouses and have completed approximately 6 miles.

Important Notice
Dogs are welcome in the park but must be kept on the lead at all times. This is to avoid disturbing the deer and other wildlife.

Click here to download a PDF of the route (with accompanying map) for future reference.