Aerial photograph of the cattle sheds under development

Planning & Development

Cattle Sheds

Two new cattle sheds are currently being built at New Farm, south of Wells-next-the-Sea. The sheds have been designed to hold 1,000 head of cattle and will house the estate’s herd of around 600 South Devon cross and 80 Belted Galloway cattle which are currently housed nearby at Chalk Hill, Warham. The herd is used to graze the Holkham National Nature Reserve between May and October and during the winter they have to be housed inside.

The new state-of-the-art sheds will house the herd at one location, improving animal health and welfare. The site is also ideal because all the manure produced will not have to be transported to other sites by taking vehicles on the public highway. The land around the new sheds is ideal for growing feed for the cattle, meaning that the fields will benefit from applications of farmyard manure. The site is also the closest location to grass forage in Holkham park, currently not used for in-house livestock.

October 2018 - Steelwork foundations starting.

October 2018 - Structure for Building One expected to be complete by 29th October.
October 2018 - The roof for Building One will start on Monday, whilst the steel work continues on Building Two.

November 2018 - Work progressing at a good rate with the roof going on Building Two. The cattle have now left Holkham National Nature Reserve for the winter and will be moving into their new home very soon.
February 2019 - Water tanks are being installed.