Teachers' Area

Roles & Responsibilities

In order for your visit to be enjoyable and to run as smoothly as possible, we ask you to read and observe the following roles and responsibilities:

Responsibilities for Holkham Estate
To communicate effectively with each visiting group prior, during and after the visit.
To ensure all Health & Safety legislation is adhered to, including providing copies of relevant risk assessments and policies on request in advance of the visit.
To deliver professional, engaging educational sessions as agreed at the time of booking.
To ensure all equipment and resources are maintained and available for use by visiting groups where appropriate.
To undertake dynamic risk assessments and make decisions regarding suitability of tasks in conjunction with visiting group staff.
To review sessions and associated resources regularly, taking into account feedback received.
To maintain high standards of child protection amongst staff and volunteers.

Visiting Groups Responsibilities
To ensure participants are appropriately attired for the weather conditions and activities.
To supervise groups at all times, particularly during ‘down’ times such as lunch time.
To set standards of behaviour expected and reinforce this where required.
To provide first aid equipment, a trained first aider and appropriate adult to child ratios (we recommend a minimum of 1:10 for KS2 and 1:8 for KS1, with higher ratios for SEN students).
To be responsible for the welfare of participants at all times.
To inform Holkham staff of any Special Educational Needs or requirements.
To evacuate buildings if the fire alarm sounds and undertake a head count to ensure all members of the group are present.
To provide constructive feedback on completion of visit.

Participant’s Responsibilities
To show respect for the environment, its contents, other visitors and Holkham staff.

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