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Pre-visit Activities

We want to make your visit to Holkham as stress free as possible. We find that if pupils know about where they are visiting and the structure of the day, they cope with the visit easier, making your day a more rewarding experience and enabling you to complete your learning objectives.

In order for staff and pupils to maximise the educational benefits of a visit to the Holkham Estate, we now provide a fantastically informative PowerPoint presentation, to be used as a pre-visit resource. The PowerPoint is designed as an introduction to all the varied elements of life at Holkham, and to give your children some valuable background knowledge, which will set their visit experience in context. There are notes for teachers to accompany each slide and, included at the end are some suggested pre-visit activities that can be easily differentiated to suit your children and their individual needs. We hope you find this complimentary resource interesting, useful and easy to use.
To download the pre-visit powerpoint click here
To download a PDF version of the accompanying teachers’ notes click here

Click on the titles below to download a PDF containing pre-visit activities you could undertake before your visit to Holkham.

Holkham Hall
Holkham National Nature Reserve
Holkham Park