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I am delighted to provide you with details of our newly expanded learning programme for 2018. This year sees the development of our offer to include hands-on sessions in our six-acre walled garden, as well as extending our Key Stage 2 programme to include cycling in the traffic free routes of the parkland. The walled garden provides a unique and safe environment where pupils of all ages can learn how plants grow, what they need to survive and how they become the food we all eat – an excellent extension to our popular Food and Farming Day.

Why not hire our fleet of bikes to explore the park with a guided tour on two wheels. Our exciting Cycle Stamp Challenge is an exhilarating, action packed session which subtly introduces pupils to the food we grow here - you’ll learn very quickly that Holkham isn’t flat!

This is just a small part of what we can provide, so if you think a visit to Holkham would work well for your topics this year, please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss how we can create a tailor-made visit for you. Or come along to one of our complimentary teacher preview sessions to enable you to learn more about the programmes we offer. We’ll also give you free tickets to bring your family for a day out at Holkham too.

Here’s looking forward to another busy and fun year of school visits to the Holkham Estate.

Sue Penlington, Education Manager

Sue Penlington
Education Manager

Sandford Award Winner 2016
Quality Badge awarded by Council for Learning Outside the Classroom