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Arable Technician, Holkham Farming Company

About Holkham

The Holkham Estate comprises 25,000 acres in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) on the beautiful North Norfolk coast. At its centre, Holkham Hall is the family home of the Earl and Countess of Leicester and one of the ten Treasure Houses of Great Britain, with its grand interiors and remarkable art collections.

The Hall itself is only a small part of the visitor attraction. Holkham’s visitor and leisure businesses generate over half of the Estate’s income, a reflection of the amazing opportunities presented by the remarkable beauty of Holkham Park, two of the UK’s very best beaches and the largest privately managed National Nature Reserve in England.

Holkham is regarded as one of the most innovative and diversified rural estates in the UK. Complementing the visitor and leisure businesses, Holkham has extensive farming operations, over 300 let properties (residential, commercial, agricultural), house-building projects, renewable energy schemes, forestry, and a national profile for pioneering work in nature conservation.

Today, a total of 3995 hectares of estate land are managed by Holkham Farming Company Ltd which was set up in 1996 to act as a contractor for the eight family farms which cover 2300 hectares of arable land. The remainder of the land is under agri-environment, game crops and grassland. Holkham Farming Company has full management and operational responsibilities for all arable activities, livestock, grain storage and contract work for two anaerobic digesters.

Holkham Emerald are a joint venture business specialising in the growing of salad and table potatoes. We produce 10 million bags of salad potatoes each year which are supplied to markets in the UK and Europe.

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