A brace of pheasants

Shooting & Conservation


Due to its light soil and relatively dry climate, Norfolk has always boasted some of the best habitat for game birds, and Holkham is no exception. It has long been regarded as a ‘Great Estate’ in the eyes of the shooting world, not least because Holkham is believed to be the place where driven shooting first began.

The estate’s game department – managing 16,000 of the estate’s 25,000 acres – employs a team of six gamekeepers dedicated to wild game, conservation and countryside management. A predator control programme is exercised within the law, which gives all ground nesting birds and mammals, such as hares and water voles, a better chance of survival.

Mills & Reeve Norfolk Grey Partridge Award

In June 2014, Holkham was pleased to receive the Mills & Reeve Norfolk Grey Partridge Award. Click here to read more about the award.