Farming at Holkham

The Machinery

The Holkham Farming Company owns seven tractors with horsepower ranging from 160hp to 540hp to carry out general work.

A New Holland T9 560 is the prime mover on the farm with a 560hp engine, capable of doing all the heavy cultivation, including pulling the farm’s 9-furrow plough and 6 metre discordon. The vehicle is controlled by a GPS unit in the cab allowing complete precision.

A John Deere 8360 tractor with 360hp engine and a GPS unit in the cab does all of the top work such as drilling and the secondary cultivations on the fields.

A self-propelled sprayer, a Agrifac Condor 4, with full GPS and auto shut off, is driven by hydrostatic (oil-driven) motors. This piece of machinery is mainly used to apply fertilisers and crop protection products to the crops.

During harvest, two combine harvesters - John Deere S685i- cut the oil seed rape, spring and winter barley and winter wheat.

Holkham Emerald, the joint partnership between Holkham Estate and Emerald Produce, grows and markets potatoes. Holkham Emerald uses contractors’ own equipment, some of which is shown here.

New Holland T9 560.

Fendt 828 with dual wheels.

John Deere 8360RT with 9 metre Vaderstad drill.

Bateman RB35 Sprayer.

Fendt 724 plus trailer

Grimme potato planter.

Loading the potato planter.


Potato toppers used for flailing off the potato foliage prior to harvest.

Sugar beet drill.

John Deere S686i.

Irrigator with a boom..

Irrigator and rain gun.