Fun and cycling activities for all the family at Holkham during the Pedal Norfolk festival

Pedal Norfolk

Pedal Norfolk - the future

In 2012 Holkham Estate and Fatbirds set up Pedal Norfolk as a weekend cycling festival for the family. We came up with the idea during an on all-night ride around Norfolk and from the outset our aim was to ‘delight and surprise riders and their families’. We agreed to review plans after 5 years and we’re incredibly proud of what Pedal Norfolk has become.

We’ve established the UK’s first ever family-friendly cycling event.

We’ve seen an ever-increasing number of riders and families, numbers grew by nearly 30% every year

We’ve loved seeing riders of all ages – particularly the under 16s

No one will forget the evening entertainment; especially the tyre changing competition!

But as the event has grown and numbers have increased, so has our level of involvement and this has had a big impact on everyone involved. For 2017, the first team meeting took place in September 2016 and 5 people worked full time for the 3 months leading up to the event. Over the weekend 50 staff, Team Cog personnel and volunteers were involved. Then we needed 2 weeks to clear up and recover.

We’ve had long discussions over the last 3 months about the future of Pedal Norfolk and the effect it has on our businesses. Although we’ve built a fantastic festival it takes key team members away from both of our core businesses at a critical time of the year and this has a huge knock-on effect, which we can’t avoid. We’ve looked at involving external event support but we can’t make the sums add up and we’re not sure Pedal Norfolk would be same if we weren’t leading from the front.

After much soul-searching, we have decided that 2017 will be the last Pedal Norfolk festival in a ‘multi-day’ format. We may bring it back in another shorter guise in years to come but as a long weekend event, Pedal Norfolk 2017 will be the last.

We’d like to thank our key sponsors - Adnams, Tyrells, NNDC, WWTW and Emerald Crops - for all their help and support. Most of all, we’d like to thank those who came to the event, cycled and enjoyed the weekend.