Exhibition – Looking Back at the Leicesters

Edward Coke, 7th Earl of Leicester


Looking Back at The Leicesters

In 2010 our exhibition offered visitors a glimpse into the colourful past of seven generations of the Earls of Leicester.

Our displays presented a very personal record of the Coke family and included photographs, costumes, family records and personal correspondence.

From our archives, the beautifully kept collection gave a fascinating insight into the lives and personalities of the different generations who have influenced and changed Holkham.

The exhibition was enhanced with a display of costumes and ceremonial robes as well as medals belonging to the 4th Earl’s son and an emotive letter from Roald Dahl, written to the Earl and Countess, concerning the death of their son David who was killed in action in 1941.

Click here to view a PDF showing the information panels displayed during the exhibition.