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12 Month Countdown, What To Do When For Your Wedding

Posted: December 19th 2018

Planning a wedding is a daunting task. What do you start with? Which supplier should you book first? With Holkham’s 12-month countdown planner we help you work out the order in which to organise your wedding.

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Real Weddings: Sonny and Adam

Posted: November 23rd 2018

Sonny and Adam Wharton-Ward got married at Holkham in July 2018 in spectacular style - a day with surprise after surprise and one that their guests won’t possibly forget in a hurry. Here Sonny reveals the magic that went into their big day.

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Real Weddings: Madison and Harry

Posted: November 05th 2018

Madison Bird married Harry Thimont on 2nd September 2017, exactly 5 years after the date they first met. Their destination wedding at Holkham was a happy day full of friends, family and some lovely personal touches.

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Why Marry in May...

Posted: October 25th 2018

Despite the old superstition “Get married in May rue the day”, May has traditionally been one of the most popular months of the year to get married. At Holkham it is one of the prettiest times of year on the estate, the purple wisteria flowers are in bloom, adorning the arches and doorways around the Walled Garden where you can put up a marquee and have your own country garden.

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Real Weddings: Hannah and Adam

Posted: October 05th 2018

From Holkham’s beautiful countryside surroundings to the timeless green, white and gold flower arrangements, Hannah and Adam’s winter wonderland wedding was a romantic and elegant affair, with a touch of Christmas magic thrown in.

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Creating a Wedding Day Scent with Fresh Flowers

Posted: September 21st 2018

by Belle Heaphy, Weddings Sales Manager

Fragrancing weddings is one bridal trend that is on the rise and the Weddings Team at Holkham will tell you how to create a wedding day scent with fresh flowers.

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Real Weddings: Ruth and Sebastian

Posted: September 12th 2018

by Belle Hutton, Sales Manager

When Ruth Johnson married Sebastian Spitz here at Holkham in July her vision for the day was for it to be fun and filled with laughter. When you see her photos, I think you’ll agree her wedding was definitely that!

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Winter Wedding Planning: Top Tips

Posted: August 22nd 2018

by Belle Heaphy, Sales Manager

There are many wonderful reasons to plan a winter wedding. Firstly, you won’t spend the nine months or so before your wedding Googling ‘weather in…’ to see if it’s going to rain. You don’t plan a winter wedding for blue skies and sunshine – although you might get them. Then there’s the fact that Christmas has to be one of the most romantic times of the year; twinkly fairy lights, cosy fires and what could be better than booming out your favourite Carols during your wedding ceremony? Plus, by picking a winter wedding your theme is pretty much taken care of, your wedding dress dictated by the chill in the air and your flower choice usefully slim-lined by what’s in season. But there are still some big decisions to consider when planning a winter wedding and with our ultimate guide you can tick off all the important ones without so much as an extra wrinkle on your brow.

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