History of the Walled Garden

Posted: August 14th 2019

by Sophie Coles, Marketing Administrator

What makes a Walled Garden different to any other garden? Why are they walled? What is grown in them? Why do they exist? Find all your questions answered here!

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Looking Back at a Successful Year in the Walled Garden

Posted: January 09th 2019

by Dene Wood, Head Gardener

2018 was another great year in the Gardens Department, a somewhat snowy spring followed by very challenging summer meant that hosepipes and sprinklers were very much the tool of choice, whilst mowers sat idle more than usual! Head Gardener, Dene Wood looks back at a successful 2018 and talks about big plans for 2019.

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Phase One of the Walled Garden Development Project is Underway

Posted: November 16th 2018

Phase one of the Walled Garden Development Project is underway. Follow progress on our blog and on our Walled Garden Facebook page.

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Where Have All the Red Deer Gone?

Posted: October 29th 2018

Visitors may have noticed that the Red Deer who have roamed Holkham deer park for over 10 years, are no longer to be seen. Lord Leicester explains the reasons behind the decision to sell the Holkham herd of Red Deer.

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A Morning of Spooky Spiders

Posted: October 13th 2018

by Andy Bloomfield, Warden

With the October half term holiday and Halloween nearly upon us a series of events for children have been arranged around the estate. One new addition we will be co-hosting with our education team in the new Lookout at Lady Anne’s Drive from 11am until 1pm on Saturday 27th October is an introduction to the world of Holkham’s spiders.

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Holkham Walled Garden Add to Its Ranks

Posted: September 11th 2018

by Dene Wood, Head Gardener

This month we are fortunate enough to be able to add to our ranks. Thanks to a collaboration with the Historical Botanical Gardens Training Programme we were able to offer Martin Griffin a one-year placement at Holkham.

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The Reserve in Bloom

Posted: July 04th 2018

by Andy Bloomfield

Most visiting naturalists that come to the reserve seem to be in search of our prolific birdlife yet there is much more to enthuse about and early summer is a great time to search for other wildlife. This year June has seen a riot of colour take over the dunes and in the woods as many plants have emerged and are at their finest.

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A Repton Landscape

Posted: June 11th 2018

This year marks the 200th anniversary of Humphry Repton’s death. A renowned landscape gardener who was commissioned by the 1st Earl of Leicester of the 2nd creation to reimagine the pleasure grounds of the lake. Take a walk down to the lake in Holkham park and see the stand we have erected to commemorate his work.

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