Samuel Wyatt Vinery Renovation Update

Posted: August 16th 2021

by Ellie Hunter

For the past year, restoration of the Samuel Wyatt Vinery on the Holkham Estate has been underway. Near the Walled Garden, the glasshouse is getting closer to completion each day. Upon completion, the Vinery will be used for a collection of vines and tender plants that require regulation of temperatures.

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No Mow May

Posted: May 28th 2021

by Sue Penlington - Sustainability and Learning Manager

May is traditionally the time when lawnmowers are fired up around the country as we start to spend more time outside and the grass bursts into life. However, it is also a great time to let nature shine and increase biodiversity. From large estates and parks to your own back garden, why don’t you give the #NoMow a go?

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Samuel Wyatt Vinery Project Update 4

Posted: May 09th 2021

by Sophie Twyford

Work continues apace on the Wyatt Vinery, and as the scaffolding starts to come down and the windows go back in, we are starting to get glimpses of what it may look like when finished.

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Samuel Wyatt Vinery Project Update 3

Posted: February 04th 2021

by Sophie Twyford

Find out the latest new on our renovation of both the Thomas Messenger Glasshouse and Samuel Wyatt vinery at Holkham walled garden.

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The gardener meets a marketing genius

Posted: December 16th 2020

by Lucy Purvis - Archivist

Don’t ever think that archives are just places where dusty old documents are kept. They are full of moments in history that are waiting to be explored. It is vital to remember that for a document to have been kept for decades, sometimes centuries it must have been important at one point. The archives at Holkham are full of just such documents some of which are well-known, and others are just waiting to be explored. Holkham Archivist, Lucy Purvis, gives our Head Gardener, Mark Morell, an exclusive viewing of a book close to his heart.

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Samuel Wyatt Vinery Project Update 2

Posted: November 23rd 2020

by Sophie Twyford

Find out what’s happened recently with our renovation of the Samuel Wyatt vinery at Holkham walled garden.

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Samuel Wyatt Vinery Project Update 1

Posted: October 19th 2020

by Sophie Twyford

The first update on our renovation of the Samuel Wyatt vinery at Holkham’s Walled Garden.

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The Holkham Landscape - a history of incredible plans and big name designers.

Posted: May 29th 2020

by David Allsop - Holkham Stories

The park as we see it today may look natural, but it is the culmination of many years of careful planning and landscaping. Indeed, some of the foremost landscape designers of their day were employed to develop this landscape setting for Thomas Coke’s Palladian mansion.

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