Sunrise over the Nature Reserve

Posted: June 01st 2020

by Jonathan Holt

This really is one for the soul. A beautiful, uplifting, timelapse of the sun gently rising above the Holkham National Nature Reserve. Look out for the birdlife on the water and the cattle milling around. With thanks to Jonathan Holt, one of our wardens, for getting up so early to capture this.

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A Vulnerable Time for Wildlife

Posted: May 16th 2020

by Sue Penlington, Learning Team

As humans have stayed at home for the past few weeks, nature and wildlife have thrived. As we start to head outside again, now is the time to be cautious and aware of our vulnerable wildlife.

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Spoonbills - What's in a Name?

Posted: May 14th 2020

by Andy Bloomfield

The Spoonbill gets its modern name for the shape of its beak…no prizes there ! However, in the past it had a number of colloquial names.

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Monitoring the Bird World on the Holkham National Nature Reserve

Posted: April 28th 2020

by Paul Eele, Warden

After the long winter months, spring can’t come soon enough for the wardens on the Holkham National Nature Reserve. Spring is the time when the birds start to get down to the serious business of the breeding season and we have the job to follow and record their progress through the season.

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The Big Farmland Bird Count 2020

Posted: April 16th 2020

by Joanne Birch, Marketing

Back in wet, windy February, teams from all across the Holkham Estate took part in the GWCT Big Farmland Bird Count, a nationwide initiative which offers the means of recording the effect of any conservation schemes being carried out by farmers and gamekeepers on their land. Joanne Birch took part in the count and tells us more about it.

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Spoonbills of Holkham

Posted: April 13th 2020

by Andy Bloomfield, Holkham National Nature Reserve Warden

Andy Bloomfield, one of our wardens on the Holkham National Nature Reserve, shares the extraordinary story of the Spoonbills on the NNR.

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Helping Our Wildlife

Posted: April 06th 2020

by Sophie Coles, Marketing

We’re undertaking a lot of building restoration work on the walled garden outbuildings at the moment, so we’re making new homes for wildlife too. It’s also an opportunity for us to better understand the creatures that call this place home.

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Pinkfeet Horizons

Posted: March 10th 2020

by Andy Bloomfield, NNR Warden

There is one species of bird that is truly synonymous with Holkham both in recent times and the past and that is the Pink-footed Goose. When it was recognised as a distinct species that nested in Greenland and Iceland, it was at Holkham in 1841 where the first one was identified within Norfolk.

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