O Autumn: Wildlife Walks

Posted: September 24th 2021

by Ellie Hunter

Throughout the autumn period, we have a variation of wildlife walks within the park & nature reserve. From beginner wildlife enthusiasts, to experts – all are welcome to join! Read more about the walks you can get involved with in our blog.

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Safe and Sound when Water is Around

Posted: July 15th 2021

by Mandy Humphreys, Wells RNLI Community Water Safety Officer

The beautiful coastline at Wells-next-the-Sea attracts many people around this time of year, and we want everyone to remain safe in and around the water. Water safety messaging is important to everyone visiting our beaches, even if you do not go into the sea. Wells RNLI Community Water Safety Officer, Mandy Humphreys, explains how we can all stay safe this summer.

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No Mow May

Posted: May 28th 2021

by Sue Penlington - Sustainability and Learning Manager

May is traditionally the time when lawnmowers are fired up around the country as we start to spend more time outside and the grass bursts into life. However, it is also a great time to let nature shine and increase biodiversity. From large estates and parks to your own back garden, why don’t you give the #NoMow a go?

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We love dogs, but we love wildlife too

Posted: March 31st 2021

Each year from around the start of April to the end of August, the Holkham National Nature Reserve comes alive as the breeding season begins for shorebirds. One of the biggest challenges we face is protecting these birds from disturbance from walkers and dogs alike on what is one of the busiest beaches in Norfolk. To help combat this, we’ve implemented a few new restrictions on the beach. We hope you’ll join us in helping to protect these incredible habitats.

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What’s happening at Lady Anne’s Drive? Introducing our latest forestry and biodiversity project

Posted: January 29th 2021

As part of our Wonder journey, work is starting on the avenue of trees at Lady Anne’s Drive in Holkham. Find out what we are doing and why.

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Winter 2020/21 Wildlife at Holkham

Posted: January 28th 2021

by Andy Bloomfield, Senior Warden Holkham NNR

This winter has seen unprecedented rainfall, particularly in December which was the wettest since 2013. This also followed a very wet September and October. When it rains, all eyes usually fall on the grazing marshes of the nature reserve as the landscape is transformed in just a few short hours into a wetland haven. In short, where there is water there are birds. With the high water levels, as well as a number of small tweaks in site management, the Holkham National Nature Reserve has witnessed an impressive and truly cosmopolitan gathering of birds that really did not mind getting their feet wet this winter.

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Cleaning up the Wood Cellar

Posted: January 15th 2021

If you’ve ever been on a cellar tour of Holkham you may have come across our wood cellar. Our hall team has been working hard giving it a good spring clean ready for the year ahead.

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What have fungi ever done to us?

Posted: November 11th 2020

by Will Clennell, Learning and Engagement Officer

Fungi, often referred to as mushrooms and toadstools, seem to have earnt an unfairly negative reputation over the years. Toadstools have a classic image as a toxic seat for an ugly toad, a creature linked, in folklore, to witches and witchcraft. Mushrooms are most commonly thought of as edible fungi, but it would still take a brave soul to actually eat one that was found in the wild. Will seeks to change our perception and open our eyes to the world of fungi on the Holkham National Nature Reserve.

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