Cleaning up the Wood Cellar

Posted: January 15th 2021

If you’ve ever been on a cellar tour of Holkham you may have come across our wood cellar. Our hall team has been working hard giving it a good spring clean ready for the year ahead.

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What have fungi ever done to us?

Posted: November 11th 2020

by Will Clennell, Learning and Engagement Officer

Fungi, often referred to as mushrooms and toadstools, seem to have earnt an unfairly negative reputation over the years. Toadstools have a classic image as a toxic seat for an ugly toad, a creature linked, in folklore, to witches and witchcraft. Mushrooms are most commonly thought of as edible fungi, but it would still take a brave soul to actually eat one that was found in the wild. Will seeks to change our perception and open our eyes to the world of fungi on the Holkham National Nature Reserve.

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Bringing Autumn's Nature to People

Posted: October 15th 2020

by Andy Bloomfield, Senior NNR Warden

As the nip in the air and the sound of Pink footed geese start to fill the skies, autumn heralds a shift in wildlife at Holkham. We’ve created some new access routes to the reed fringed scrub on the southern edge of the pinewoods for visitors to experience and enjoy autumn nature at its finest.

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Holkham's Head of Conservation scoops Sir Timothy Colman Award

Posted: October 06th 2020

by Jake Fiennes, Head of Conservation

Holkham’s Head of Conservation, Jake Fiennes, scoops Sir Timothy Colman Award and explains in his own words what it means to him.

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A New Species of Breeding Bird at Holkham

Posted: July 08th 2020

by Andy Bloomfield, NNR Warden

Holkham National Nature Reserve has had another new species added to its growing list of breeding birds, the Cattle Egret, a small, colourful member of the heron family.

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Protecting Holkham's Little Terns

Posted: June 26th 2020

by Andy Bloomfield, Senior Warden

Discover more about Little Terns, the UK’s second rarest seabird, and what we, and you, can do to help protect them.

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Sunrise over the Nature Reserve

Posted: June 01st 2020

by Jonathan Holt

This really is one for the soul. A beautiful, uplifting, timelapse of the sun gently rising above the Holkham National Nature Reserve. Look out for the birdlife on the water and the cattle milling around. With thanks to Jonathan Holt, one of our wardens, for getting up so early to capture this.

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A Vulnerable Time for Wildlife

Posted: May 16th 2020

by Sue Penlington, Learning Team

As humans have stayed at home for the past few weeks, nature and wildlife have thrived. As we start to head outside again, now is the time to be cautious and aware of our vulnerable wildlife.

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