Nature Reserve Experience - A Unique View of Amazing Habitats

Posted: September 18th 2019

by Will Clennell, Learning and Engagement Coordinator

No two visits to the Holkham National Nature Reserve are ever the same and this year, visitors have had the unique opportunity to partake in a number of personal, guided tours visiting parts of the nature reserve from Burnham Overy Staithe through to Stiffkey, including many areas closed to the public. In this blog, our knowledgable guide, Will, talks you through a recent Nature Reserve Experience Day.

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Experiencing the Wildlife (and the Wardens)

Posted: September 03rd 2019

by Charlotte Warburton, Work Experience Student from the University of Southampton

An insight into volunteering on the Holkham Holkham Nature Reserve.

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Team Holkham Tour the NNR

Posted: July 19th 2019

by Mitchell Thurbon, The Lookout Café Manager

​With such a vast and varied number of businesses at Holkham, teams are making a special effort to get to know each other and learn all about the important work other departments do with a series of ‘Come See’ visits! This week, the Holkham National Nature Reserve Wardens welcomed ‘team Holkham’ to the reserve and The Lookout Café Manager, Mitch, tells all.

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Bringing Birds to the People

Posted: June 19th 2019

by Andy Bloomfield, NNR Warden

With the inspiring focal point for interpretation and refreshments that we now have in the Lookout, it is worth talking about some of the recent wildlife sightings that have been viewed from there. Nestled beside the old sea wall close to the beach entrance at Lady Anne’s Drive, the building allows a vista of the grazing marshes as well as sightings of birds on the reed fringed lagoon just outside the window.

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Saving Holkham's Farmland Birds

Posted: May 16th 2019

by Andy Bloomfield, NNR Warden

In recent weeks we have been mapping the territories of Yellowhammers, Whitethroats, Linnets and Skylarks on the Estate’s farmland and also finding the nests of vulnerable ground nesting birds too. These have included Lapwings and Oystercatchers, two species that also nest on the coast (grazing marshes for the former and beaches and marshes for the latter) and are in steep decline.

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The Big Farmland Bird Count

Posted: April 21st 2019

by Andrew Bloomfield

This February the estate became involved with the National Farmer’s Union’s Big Farmland Bird Count, a nationwide initiative (open to all farmers and landowners) to assess the number of farmland birds using given areas in any one week during the month. The bird count proved not only fun for those undertaking the counts but also helped us to work out how good some areas were for attracting large numbers of birds and how other areas were very impoverished.

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Managing reedbed at Holkham National Nature Reserve

Posted: April 09th 2019

by Paul Eele

Find out about the importance of managing the reedbeds on the National Nature Reserve.

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Posted: March 07th 2019

by Jonathan Holt

Seals are a common sight on the coast of Norfolk but what happens when they get into difficulty on Holkham Beach? Find out what happened to a young seal called Twerk that washed ashore last year.

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