Holkham's Virtual Open Farm Sunday

Posted: June 07th 2020

​One of our favourite times of year is Open Farm Sunday, when our farming, conservation, gardens and gamekeeping teams get to chat with you, show you the animals we have on the estate and let you get up close to our farming machinery. So instead, while we are closed, the team has been popped in front of the camera by our Events Manager and Education Manager to make our homemade film telling you all about what they are up to at this time of year. Come and join us on the farm and in the park for a few minutes from the comfort of your sofa!

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Toolbox Talk: The Fountain

Posted: May 28th 2020

by Ryan Mills

You may have seen Holkham Hall’s magnificent fountain shooting sparkling droplets into the sky, but have you ever thought about how it works? In the second ‘toolbox talk’ Ryan, our Houseman, is going to reveal all.

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A Virtual Buggy Tour of Holkham Park

Posted: May 26th 2020

​We know some of you are missing visiting Holkham Park, and our team have certainly missed seeing you. So they have put together a bit of a whistlestop buggy tour around the park for you to tide you over for a little while! Come on, the sun is shining, the buggy is ready, let’s be off!

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Kevin Levy - My Favourite Painting

Posted: May 22nd 2020

by Kevin Levy, Hall Stewards Team

Kevin Levy, one of Holkham Hall’s room stewards, tells the story of his favourite painting in the hall, and quite a gory story it is too!

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David Allsop - My Favourite Holkham Story

Posted: May 12th 2020

by David Allsop, Holkham Stories

David Allsop, from the Holkham Stories Experience, shares his favourite Holkham Story - that of the Coke hat.

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May Marvels in the Walled Garden

Posted: May 10th 2020

by Landscape Team

To celebrate Garden Day, Mark, Kirsty and Simon from the landscape team are taking us on a little tour of the walled garden, showing us their favourite plants.

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Toolbox Talk: Biomass

Posted: May 07th 2020

by Lucy Downing, Marketing

Did you know that Holkham Hall and parts of the estate are heated by biomass boilers? Join Ryan, our Houseman, who’ll take you on a tour of the boiler house to tell you more about it and show you how the boilers work.

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Holkham on Screen

Posted: May 05th 2020

by Emma Bushell, Marketing

Pass the popcorn, put your feet up and get ready to explore some of the many different films that have been shot at Holkham over the years. From war films to sci-fi, romance to historical drama, you may never have known that Holkham Hall, beach and nature reserve have had so many starring roles!

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